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Seed Starting for Spring

LSweeney_moderator | Posted in Mid-Atlantic Gardening on

In a few weeks, it will be time to start thinking about starting seeds for spring, especially if you are a vegetable gardener and like to plant early spring crops. How do you get your seedlings started? Do you have access to a greenhouse or do you have some kind of creative home set up? What are the pros and cons of what ever your setup is?


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    Chloe_Moderator | | #2

    I have limited space under lights, so I save it for starting tender plants, but I start some cold hardy annuals, vegetables, and especially perennials via winter sowing. I'll be setting some containers out soon. The plants start out small, but they catch up quickly. Plus, no hardening off, which I really appreciate in spring when there is so much to do in the garden.

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      LSweeney_moderator | | #3

      I have never tried winter sowing. No hardening off is a big plus!

  3. areqa | | #4

    I recommend starting seeds indoors using trays or pots near a sunny window or under grow lights. While a greenhouse offers controlled conditions, a home setup is cost-effective but requires careful monitoring. Pros include early planting, but cons involve space constraints and potential for inadequate light.

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      LSweeney_moderator | | #5

      That's all true! What are your favorite plants to start in a sunny window or under grow lights?

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    DrPulte_Moderator | | #6

    When I was a new gardener I often started seeds far too early in the spring. Learning timing is so important!

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      LSweeney_moderator | | #7

      So true! Timing is everything!

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