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Here in Norcal, our blustery rainy season didn’t stop til mid-April, and we never really got a “normal” summer.  Don’t get me wrong, the mild, temperate weather was fabulous for most plants, but a lot of tomato gardeners were disappointed with their harvests.

'Orange You Glad' tomato
‘Orange You Glad’ – great performer for mild summers

Reliable even in a cool summer – ‘Paul Robeson’

In my own vegetable patch, the dark and flavorful “Paul Robeson” and light, bright ‘Orange You Glad’ slicer performed beautifully while other, normally reliable tomato varieties suffered, yielding maybe half their regular numbers.  So glad I planted cool-weather tomato varieties!
How was your 2023 tomato season?  Would you rate it a success or a failure? Or something in between?


  1. User avater Moderator
    Chloe_Moderator | | #1

    Here in the Northeast, we had a ton of rain and not a lot of heatwave days, so the tomato season dragged. They ripened very late. Paul Robeson is one I grow every year. It's always flavorful and always a pretty 'clean' plant, though it's not a super high yielder for me. That's just fine because it earns its keep with quality over quantity!

    1. User avater Moderator
      FionualaModerator | | #2

      Totally agree with regards to the quality over quantity, but it is an amazing tomato that yields delicious tomatoes no matter what the weather is like.

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