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Houseplants are taking up their winter residence

Chloe_Moderator | Posted in Northeast Gardening on

With all the rain and the impending cooler nights, I began the great houseplant migration this past weekend, bringing in those that are particularly sensitive. I know many gardeners worry about bringing in bugs, but I find the benefit of a summer outdoors outweighs any insect problems. Do you put your potted plants out for the summer?


  1. gardendevas | | #1

    Ah, yes — it’s that time. Sigh. Have been feeding and prepping, bringing the tenderest ones in on a few below 50 degree nights, then taking back out to get all the sun they can. We winter-prep our little front porch with lights, plastic and a space heater, and bring in geraniums, ivies, ferns and more for a winter faux-greenhouse.

    1. User avater Moderator
      Chloe_Moderator | | #2

      Wow! Lovely! I like that rod setup. Great way to accommodate the hangers.

      1. gardendevas | | #3

        Thanks!! Some of them are several years old. Tending them keeps me happy through the cold and gray months, and it’s a lovely place to sit on a wintry day.

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