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Gopher-resistant plants

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With sandy soil, and a bazillion gophers on my property, I’ve always planted my roses and fruit trees in gopher baskets, and most of my perennials too. I’ve also developed a deep appreciation for Euphorbias!  ‘Ascot Rainbow’ might be my favorite, with Euphorbia myrsinites a close second.   BUT, here’s my question – has anyone out there found another type plant that is just as gopher-resistant as  Euphorbias?

If so, let me know – I would love to expand my gopher-proof garden repertoire!

Euphorbia myrsinites
Donkeytail Spurge Almost blooming!
Euphorbia 'Ascot Rainbow'
One of the prettiest gopher-proof plants you can grow



  1. User avater Moderator
    Plantswoman | | #1

    Many plants will survive the pocket gopher that is native to the PNW. These are mostly plants with strong scents like lavender, sage, teucrium, etc. Most experts advise watching out for tunnels, stepping on and collapsing them. Most plants die from having their roots exposed underground. They do like sandy loose soil that is moist. In our new world of drought-tolerant plants and less water, the way we garden may help to move the gophers to another more hospitable place than our garden.

    1. User avater Moderator
      FionualaModerator | | #3

      You're right - they definitely tend to stay away from plants with more fragrant foliage.
      Planting your favorite plants in gopher cages is important too. Fruit trees, roses, and artichokes have all suffered in my garden.

  2. User avater Moderator
    Plantswoman | | #2

    There is also a great article on Fine Gardening that will give you good information on the pesky rodents

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