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DrPulte_Moderator | Posted in Southeast Gardening on

As March dawns I am thinking about incorporating edibles into my garden this year.  I do maintain a small traditional veg. garden – However, I want to mix more edibles directly into my landscape.  I have blueberries as foundation shrubs.  What tips do people have to add (mostly annual) edibles without them looking messy throughout the garden?


  1. ericbowles | | #1

    It's been a few years, but in the Atlanta area I had good success planting a couple of small peach trees with a ground cover of strawberries. This design was quick to produce a huge harvest - and fresh fruit is always popular. The challenge after a few years was the strawberries needed to be replanted, and the harvest of peaches was more than I could handle.

    1. User avater Moderator
      DrPulte_Moderator | | #2

      A few trees goes a long way!

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