Pest Management in the Garden

After investing time, love, and effort in the garden, there’s nothing more disheartening then coming out one day to see your plants under attack by pests, wildlife, or a fungal disease. This collection of articles will help you manage pests in your garden.

Below are how-to’s; tips for managing troublemakers such as beetles, mites, and slugs; and more. Solutions include picking pests off, spraying natural or chemical sprays to dissuade bugs, or introducing natural predators to the garden to help keep populations in control.

We also recommend planting native species to help keep your garden in balance with nature. To see what native species are recommended for your area, check out the Lady Bird Johnson Wildflower Center.

For even more information on battling pests in the garden, you might want to learn more about your allies in the fight. These animals are your best friends when it comes to battling harmful pests. And you might consider introducing these helpful insects to your garden as another way to battle harmful pests.