How to Prune Common Shrubs

Fine Gardening - Issue 192

Perhaps you can relate: A few years ago a family member of mine purchased a gorgeous ninebark—because, honestly, this shrub was featured as a “must-have” in all the local nurseries and she couldn’t resist—and now it is enveloping half her front walkway. It’s a perfectly wonderful shrub, but it’s a shrub that tends to get out of hand. There are actually quite a few shrubs that have become popular at the nursery in the last decade or so that, if left unchecked, tend to get unruly. They’re not bad plants; they’re just overly zealous when it comes to bulking up. Given enough time, they can reach beastly proportions. See below to learn how to keep them in check.

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This article first appeared as “From Overgrown to Under Control” in issue 192 of Fine Gardening magazine.