Homegrown Berries

  • How-To

    How to Plant Blueberries

    This attractive shrub and delicious superfood is easy to grow, if you follow these steps.
  • Kitchen Gardening

    How to Grow Strawberries

    We all know that the fresh goodness of strawberries is well worth a little trouble. Not only is the sugar-berry flavor of strawberries a delicious reward, but they’re also a pretty easy crop to grow in your garden and become even easier the following year.
  • red raspberries

    Pruning Red Raspberries

    A hard late-winter thinning is the secret to healthier plants and bigger, sweeter berries.
  • How-To

    Recipe for Berry Trifle

    This summer party dessert looks spectacular in a traditional 12-cup trifle bowl. You can also make it with just raspberries.
  • red raspberries

    How to Grow Raspberries

    Select an everbearing variety, practice a few trellising and pruning tricks, and pick berries from July through fall.