Gardening With Children During a Crisis

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If the current COVID-19 crisis has a bright side, it may be that the very season most of us in North America are engaged in some version of “sheltering in place” also happens to be prime time for many of us to start a vegetable or flower garden. For parents and other adults who live with children, this presents a golden opportunity for introducing children to the wonders of gardening.

If you are an adult looking for a project that can capture the attention of the homebound children in your household as they continue to deal with disrupted routines, how about cultivating a love of growing things? Here are ideas for growing vegetables, building a child-size raised bed, and growing a sunflower playhouse.



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    Vegetables With Fun Names for Childrens’ Gardens

    Let your kids plant Green Zebras, or Dragon's Tongues, or Painted Ponies.

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    Gardening as a family let's you create lasting memories and offers more opportunities to connect with one another.

  • Garden Lifestyle

    Grow a Sunflower House for Kids

    Don't let the kids keep the magic for themselves. When the morning glories begin blooming, get into that sunflower house, lie on your back and admire the glowing blue sky that you and your kids planted.

  • Garden Lifestyle

    Vegetable Gardens for Children

    For more years of my life than not, I’ve been raising children. My husband and I have four kids and one sugar baby – I might as well be a Pez dispenser. I haven’t even managed to keep my children out of my bathroom, much less my gardens.

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    DIY Starter Raised Bed for Kids

    Got a young gardener in the family? Here's a starter raised bed just for them!