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  • Pacific Northwest Regional Reports

    Plants That the Herbivores Will Avoid in the Northwest

    Fionuala Campion says in her article, Dazzling Deer-Resistant Perennials, "Though very graceful and delightful to behold in their native habitat, deer are a voracious force to reckon with in many…

  • ‘Bennett’s White’ rock rose
    Pacific Northwest Regional Reports

    Drought-Tolerant Shrubs for the Northwest

    According to NASA Earth Observatory, one-third of the United States experienced some level of drought in 2020. Unfortunately, we know this was not a random anomaly but an increasing trend with…

  • Pacific Wax Myrtle
    Pacific Northwest Regional Reports

    Plants for Birds in the Northwest

    As William Cullina mentions in his article on plants for birds, the sad reality is songbirds are disappearing: “Habitat loss, pesticides, and the accompanying decline of insect populations have contributed…

  • Article

    Regional Picks: Hot-Colored Plants – Northwest

    1. ‘Firefly’ Heather Name: Calluna vulgaris ‘Firefly’ USDA hardiness zones: 4 to 7 Size: 18 inches tall and wide Conditions: Full sun; well-drained soil This sweet little evergreen has a…

  • Container Gardening on the Cheap

    3 Salvaged and Repurposed Container-Garden Planter Ideas

    It’s no secret that potted annuals and tropicals and Vietnamese ceramics are usually kinder on the eyes than on the wallet. But if you don’t feel like splurging this year,…