Paul Zammit

  • get more compost

    4 Ways to Get More Compost

    My grandmother taught me that you cannot just take from a garden; you must always give back and care for the soil. This is a lesson I apply to any…

  • plants for challenging conditions

    Plants That Are Easy to Grow Even in Challenging Conditions

    I am often asked to recommend plants for problematic garden areas during my call-in radio program or after public-speaking engagements. As a result, over the years I have developed a…

  • vintage french iron planter before plants

    12 Elevated Garden-Container Designs Where the Pot Is the Star

    Containers add a pop of garden interest almost anywhere and in any season. One of my garden mentors, Thomas Hobbs, once said, “To design in a container, you must love…

  • sturdy winter container

    Create a Sturdy Winter Container Arrangement

    Winter combinations of stems and branches are lovely seasonal accents, but if they are not adequately supported, your decorations may flop or capsize in the wind. To avoid those pitfalls,…

  • Pitchfork with ingredients to make compost

    6 Ways To Make More Compost

    My grandmother, who managed a working farm in my birthplace of Malta, gave me my first lesson on soil health when I was about seven. As we harvested lettuce for…