Joe Queirolo

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    How to Grow Beets

    I suppose beets might be appreciated more if they hung from trees like apples instead of spending their lives in the soil. Glistening in the sunlight in colors ranging from…

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    How to Attract Good Bugs to Your Garden

    It happens every spring. First a few aphids appear on the cole crops. I barely notice. A week later the aphids have doubled. I start to get concerned. After another…

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    The Supporting Cast for Tomatoes

    Provide your vines with some structure for easier harvesting, bigger fruits, and a better yield

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    Essential Tools for Working the Soil

    Five tried-and-true tools for preparing seedbeds and moving dirt around

  • Hover Flys on Cabbage

    Attracting Beneficial Insects

    To lure good bugs to your garden, first get to know the players, then give them the right habitat

  • Kitchen Gardening

    Attract Beneficial Insects to Your Garden

    Get acquainted with the good bugs and lure them to your garden by planting flowers they like. It's a green way to keep your vegetables healthy.