Jane Gates

Jane Gates

Jane fell in love with gardening as a small child, and her affair with nature has been the driving force in everything she has produced in her life. She has experience in the gardening industry in sales, home gardening, plant breeding, landscape design, and garden writing. Jane is an award-winning landscape designer, writer, and speaker. She is also the owner of Gates & Croft Horticultural Design in Los Angeles and the author of All the Garden’s a Stage: Choosing the Best Performing Plants for a Sustainable Garden.

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    The Best Fruit Trees for Southern California

    Fruit trees can be one of the best additions to any landscape. They offer shade and color in addition to healthy, delicious food. Many fruit trees can be grown in…

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    Tough, Low-Maintenance Shrubs for Southern California

    Even if we have a wonderful year of rainfall, we need to rethink our Southern California gardens. It’s likely we will have many dry, hot years ahead. So let’s use…

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    Fall Is for Planting in Southern California

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    Choosing Fire-Resistant Plants in Southern California

    Once upon a time, the wildfire season in Southern California lasted for a couple of months in the autumn. Not anymore! Since these days wildfires can hit us at any…

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    Pest Control for Southern California: Whiteflies

    Whiteflies are familiar across the country as greenhouse and indoor-plant pests. But in our warm climate, two species of these unwelcome little sap-sucking insects are very prevalent. Silverleaf whitefly (Bemisia…

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    Exciting Evergreens for Southern California

    Evergreens are crucial to achieving varied texture and form, as well as the key to any successful four-season garden. Unfortunately, many gardeners would put a lot of evergreens in the…

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    Regional Picks: Showy Shrubs – California

    See regional picks for showy shrubs, and read the article by Paul Cappiello for even more ideas. “Show-stopping shrubs—you know the kind. You’re leading a group of friends around the…