Jane Gates

Jane Gates

Jane fell in love with gardening as a small child, and her affair with nature has been the driving force in everything she has produced in her life. She has more than 35 years of experience in the Los Angeles gardening industry in sales, home gardening, plant breeding, landscape design, and garden writing. Jane is an award-winning landscape designer, writer, and speaker and the author of All the Garden’s a Stage: Choosing the Best Performing Plants for a Sustainable Garden.

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    5 Must-Have Native Plants for the Southern California Garden

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    Autumn To-Do List for Southern California Gardeners

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    Vertical Gardening in Southern California

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    Growing a Butterfly Garden in Southern California

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    Tips for Shopping at a Southern California Garden Center

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    How to Save Water in the Garden for Droughts to Come

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    Grapevines Offer a Feast for the Senses

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    Protecting Your Garden from Hungry Critters

    Whether you dwell in the city, suburbs, or countryside, critters are likely to adore the fruits of your garden labor. While small animals such as gophers, rats, mice, squirrels, and…