Cheyenne Wine

Cheyenne Wine

Cheyenne Wine is a writer and photographer for Rare Roots nursery in Mechanicsville, Virginia. Though she is a graduate of Virginia Commonwealth University, her best lessons have come from working in the dirt of her two-acre property in Richmond. She’s an advocate for local insects, birds, snakes, and toads. Cheyenne focuses on incorporating native plants into the landscape, attracting pollinators, and gardening sustainably.

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    Plants That Love Humidity

    High humidity is one of the Southeast’s cornerstones, right there with country music and sweet tea. While gardeners have learned to wear its dewy sheen like a badge of honor,…

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    Beautiful Flowering Native Vines for the Southeast

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    How to Attract Birds to Your Garden

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    4 Must-Have Butterfly Host Plants to Support Biodiversity

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    How to Get Rid of English Ivy and Other Invasive Ground Covers

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    Perennials That Bloom Through Late Fall

    As the weather starts to cool in midfall, many flower beds drift into a slump. The mighty summer bloomers have declined and gone to seed, and there aren’t many plants…

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    Unusual Fall Perennials for the Southeast

    In Andy Brand’s article Unusual Fall Perennials, he discusses some out-of-the-box plant picks for this spectacular time in the garden: “As we reluctantly accept the inevitable and begin preparing our gardens…