Andrew Bunting

  • Mohrs rosinweed

    Mohr’s Rosinweed Is an Impressive Native Pollinator Plant

    I was first introduced to Mohr’s rosinweed on a botanizing trip to northern Alabama. It’s a true native stalwart and one of the many durable plants in the genus Silphium…

  • Design

    A Tough Small Tree with Late-Summer Color

    In 1985, internationally renowned plantsman JC Raulston brought back seeds of Korean sweetheart tree to the North Carolina State University Arboretum (now the JC Raulston Arboretum) for evaluation. JC had…

  • Design

    9 Great Shrubs for Shade

    If you take a dim view of the shady spots in your garden, it may be because you haven’t found the right plants to make those areas shine. A few…

  • Fragrant tea olive

    Autumn-Flowering Trees

    Fall is an exciting time in the garden, with cooler temperatures resulting in foliage taking on its characteristic yellow, orange, and red tones. Trees that flower in autumn, however, are…

  • evergreen holly

    Evergreen Hollies

    From pyramidal trees to tidy shrubs, these plants have a multitude of garden uses

  • Design

    Selecting Trees for Structure

    As gardeners, we evaluate a plant's ornamental characteristics before we consider adding it to our garden. We may want to know, for example, when a plant flowers or if it…