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  • winter tree watering

    Should You Water Your Plants in Winter?

    Those of us who have spent a few years (or more) in the American West know that winter here doesn’t look like winter in much of the country. As far…

  • Design

    3 Hardy Broadleaf Evergreen Shrubs for the Mountain West

    You may have noticed that the Rocky Mountain region—especially if you moved here from either coast or the South—is notably lacking in broadleaf evergreens. That is because these evergreens are…

  • Fendlera rupicola blooms through Yucca baccata

    Showy Native Plants for Rocky Soils

    The Rocky Mountain Region is stretched over 10,000 feet in elevation change and nearly over the full longitude of the Continental United States. Within this massive spread fit more than…

  • Tufted evening primrose

    Pollinator Plants for the Mountain West

    Whether you have the space to create an expansive, pollinator-friendly landscape or just enough room to pot up a couple plants that are pollinator favorites, we can all do our…

  • How-To

    An Invasive Willowherb to Watch For

    Most of us gardeners have a good read on which plants in our gardens are problematic—which we often refer to as weeds. Typically these plants make seasonal appearances, like the…

  • Design

    Native Shrubs That Do It All in the Mountain West

    A trend I see among many gardeners is experimenting with “new” perennials, either novel cultivars from breeders or older varieties that the plantsperson in question has never grown. Most of…

  • Design

    Native Tree Species for the Rocky Mountain Region

    Many gardeners in the Mountain West struggle to find trees; especially attractive, well-behaved trees that excel in our harsh climate. Here, native trees must overcome frequent wildlife browsing and competition…

  • Design

    Ground Covers for Dry Shade in the Mountain West

    One of the most challenging microclimates in Mountain West gardens also happens to be one of the most common, particularly in mature, treed landscapes—dry shade. Most plants adapted to grow…

  • native annuals

    Native Annuals and Biennials for Rocky Mountain Gardens

    Over the last decade or so, the swelling interest in ecological gardening, particularly in the use of native rather than introduced plant species, has proven itself one of the most…

  • Oceanspray

    Shade-Loving Shrubs for the Mountain West

    Finding interesting plants for shade can be a struggle, but when you add in the desire for that plant to be a woody shrub, the list narrows even more. But…