Tools and Equipment

  • Get gobs of fruit from only 84 square feet. This small space can produce a bigger harvest than plots twice its size thanks to some tried-and-true techniques.

    Getting Big Vegetable Production From a Small Space

    I have lived—and gardened—in three countries: England, Barbados, and the United States. In the United States, I found myself settled on the eastern tip of New York’s Long Island, a…

  • A Lightweight Shovel with Extreme Endurance

    A Lightweight Shovel With Extreme Endurance

    One of my favorite shovels is my long-handle round-point floral shovel from Ames. This tool has been with me for well over twenty years. It’s smaller than your standard shovel,…

  • This Versatile Mattock Can Break Up the Densest Soil

    This Versatile Mattock Can Break Up the Densest Soil

    I affectionately call my mattock the “Mad Axe” because of its incredible strength. It has a sturdy fiberglass handle and a stout steel head with a horizontal adze on one…

  • Comfort Grip Soil Scoop from Garden Works

    Dig Small Holes Easily With This Serrated Trowel

    The Comfort Grip Soil Scoop from Garden Works isn’t just for scooping soil, although it does an admir­able job of that when faced with compacted bags of potting mix. It’s…

  • How-To

    March Garden To-Do List for the Mountain West

    Begin spring cleanup. While you are in the mood for pruning in the garden, now is also a good time to begin spring cleanup tasks as well. Remove piles of…

  • How-To

    New Garden Tools That Make Maintenance Easier on Your Body

    As the gardening season starts up again, many of us are going through our sheds and taking inventory of our tools, looking for damage and making mental notes of what…

  • How-To

    Mountain West February Garden To-Do List

    Sign up for gardening classes and workshops. Whether you're looking for inspiration or direct how-to knowledge, February is the time to sign up for classes and workshops throughout the region.…

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    Mid-Atlantic: February Garden To-Do List

    As every gardener knows, February is a bittersweet month. Yearning to be outside while the garden is dormant and often snow covered can be depressing for those who spend most…

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    Northeast: February Garden To-Do List

    February brings uncertain weather and tests a gardener’s patience. It can feel like the Longest. Month. Ever. But stay strong. The changes in the length of days will begin to…

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    Mid-Atlantic: January Garden To-Do List

    With the busy holiday season over, there’s time to start thinking about gardening again. Though midwinter in the Mid-Atlantic limits our outdoor activities, there are a few gentle tasks to…