• Design

    5 Inspiring Naturalistic Dry Creek Bed Designs

    The following five garden spaces are a good representation of the variety of styles that dry creek beds designs can encompass. Each of these designs also solved a unique issue…

  • dry creek bed with river stones

    How to Build a Stylish Dry Creek Bed

    Stormwater runoff, and the damage it can leave behind, has become a seemingly unmanageable problem for
gardeners from coast to coast. The perfect mix of 
unpredictable and changing weather patterns, urban…

  • Design

    How to Make Beautiful Botanical Notecards with Pressed Flowers

    You can create unique note cards with flowers and leaves from your garden. These botanical cards are easy and fun to make. With just a little bit of preparation and…

  • spring container with pale purple flowers

    A Jewel-Box Garden Container for Shade That Shines All Year

    This small container can be reworked each season to bring its best qualities forward

  • bottle gourds growing

    How to Grow Bottle Gourds

    Let's face it, growing gourds is confusing. Bottle gourds are cucurbits, members of the gourd family Cucurbitaceae. Both beginner and experienced gardeners generally can recognize the basic similarities they share…

  • winter floral arrangement

    Festive Greenery—Bringing the Outside In

    As the winter creeps up and frost is evident in the world around us, many of us consider ways to stay connected with and enjoy the beauty of nature indoors.…

  • wreath composed of lot of different berries, branches, pinecones, and foliage

    Winter Wreath Making

    Friend of the GPOD Cherry Ong makes beautiful wreaths each year for the holiday season, and today she is sharing a bunch of beautiful ones with us. She made all…

  • uniquely shaped and colored squash topped with colorful succulents

    Cherry’s Succulent-Topped Pumpkins

    Today we’re visiting with Cherry Ong in Richmond, British Columbia. Fall is the time to close the garden, and it seems like making topped pumpkins has become a tradition for…

  • Plant an Easy-to-Water Strawberry Jar

    How to Plant an Easy-to-Water Strawberry Jar

    Many gardeners who have tried to use a strawberry jar for patio plantings have been frustrated by the challenge of keeping it evenly moist. Most jars are made of clay,…

  • how to divide perennials

    Dividing Perennials Step-by-Step

    Dividing perennials is one of the easiest and cheapest ways to get more plants. Many perennials can be divided, but how and when should you do it? Here are three…