Organic Gardening

  • scarlet lady runner beans

    Reliable Vegetables for Fall in the South

    In our part of the South, “fall” is more an idea than an actual season. It’s hot, hot, warm, and then one night there is a hard freeze. We’ve been…

  • Early blight symptoms

    How to Identify and Combat Tomato Blights

    Each year as spring warms into summer, verdant vegetables hold the attention of many an eager gardener. As growers monitor their tomato plants, they may ­notice scattered yellow spotting, a…

  • bird eating berry in a tree

    Native Plants for the Birds

    I feel very fortunate to live near a tributary of the Delaware River, a stop on the great Atlantic flyway used by songbirds and raptors as they migrate between Central…

  • seed starting tools

    Seed-Starting Gadgets

    Starting your own seeds is a great way to get a lot of plants for little money. But from sowing tiny seeds to prying seedlings out of flimsy plastic trays,…

  • Grow native milkweeds to bring pollinators to your garden

    Grow Native Milkweeds to Bring Pollinators to Your Garden

    Monarch butterflies rely on milkweed (Asclepias spp. and cvs., Zones 3–9) as their primary host plant. As the monarchs’ western migration teeters on vanishing completely within years and the eastern…

  • Video

    Getting Control of Insects, Weeds, and Diseases – Webinar

    Insect pests, out-of-control diseases, and unrelenting weeds—these are the things that keep gardeners up at night. Most of us know that reaching for a spray bottle of toxic chemicals isn’t…

  • How-To

    Northern Plains December Garden To-Do List

    Create a winter container. Fill a beautiful container with clippings from your garden to enjoy during the winter months and extend the gardening season. Containers are an adaptable and versatile…

  • How-To

    5 Vegetable Garden Tasks to Do in Fall for a Happier Spring

    As the growing season winds down, are you tempted to “throw in the trowel” and leave your vegetable garden cleanup until next spring? In the October 2020 issue of Fine…

  • Design

    Learn How to Support Soil Life

    The vitality and resiliency of every garden depends on plants interacting with a vast array of insects, fungi, and microorganisms, especially those that make their homes in the soil. Through…

  • Design

    Northern California May Garden To-Do List

    What to do in the ornamental garden Go on pest patrol. By regularly inspecting your rose bushes for pests and diseases and eliminating problems early on, you'll enjoy strong, healthy…