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  • close up of container plants on front yard garden path

    Paula’s Ottawa Garden

    Today we’re visiting Paula Brown's beautiful garden in Ottawa, Ontario. I love my plants, and they love me. These pictures were taken a couple of weeks ago, and more plants…

  • close up of raised bed filled with mature greens

    Keith’s Vegetable Garden

    We’re visiting with Keith Irvine today, who gardens in chilly Zone 3 in Oxdrift, Ontario. We visited Keith’s garden before (Keith's Zone 3 Garden). I would have to say that…

  • Zimmerman pine moth

    Pest Alert: Watch Out for Zimmerman Pine Moth

    First found in the United States in 1879, Zimmerman pine moth (Dioryctria zimmermani) is a small gray insect with zigzag lines of red and gray and a wingspan of 1…

  • garden bed with pink flowers and yellow ornamental grass

    High Summer in Alice’s Garden

    Alice Fleurkens is welcoming us into her Sweaburg, Ontario, garden today. It has been a bad year for bugs—thousands of Japanese beetles it seems—and they eat, and eat. It is…

  • pollinator plants for the Midwest

    Pollinator Plants for the Midwest

    Whether you have the space to create an expansive, pollinator-friendly landscape or just enough room to pot up a couple plants that are pollinator favorites, we can all do our…

  • view of stone path from densely planted flower garden

    Mary Ann’s Ontario Garden

    Mary Ann Van Berlo has been gardening on this 2.4-acre riverfront lot since fall 2012. The yard was still a construction site when she moved in, so all the gardens…

  • Oak wilt symptoms

    What Is Oak Wilt and How Do You Treat It?

    Oak wilt kills hundreds of thousands of oaks (Quercus spp. and cvs. Zones 3–11) in the Midwest and beyond every year, but what is it? Oak wilt is caused by a…

  • close up of rain garden swale and pond surrounded by plants

    Helen’s Mostly Native Garden

    My name is Helen Stephenson, and I have been gardening in the Halton Region of Ontario for over 20 years. For the past 10 years I have tried to plant…

  • gardener holding a large Swiss chard plant

    Bountiful Harvests in Toronto

    Today we’re visiting a beautiful garden in Toronto. I’ve been gardening since I was in diapers, when I would play in the dirt of my grandparents' and other family members'…

  • healthy and productive vegetable garden

    Tips to Keep a Vegetable Garden Healthy and Productive in the Midwest

    My first memories of a vegetable garden are of large sunflowers (Helianthus annuus and cvs., annual) growing in our backyard when I was about five years old and my mom…