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Year-round focal points from humble materials, Day 2

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Photo/Illustration: Michelle Gervais

Continuing the parade of awesome Freeland and Sabrina Tanner creations from yesterday, check this one out. For this large display, Freeland covered long lengths of rebar in old sections of garden hose topped with antique sprinklers. Soooooo cool.

Photo/Illustration: Michelle Gervais

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  1. ncgardener 04/24/2012

    That is a great idea, sometimes rebar can be a bit crude looking. And what a way to use old worn out hoses.

  2. duckcovegardening 04/24/2012

    It would be great to have several of the sprinklers operable - a little more work, however very doable - it would become a home grown fountain. We have a well that we need to cover. This is inspiration and would be an interesting alternative!

    I've loved the garden art work - especially the tuteur. Very clever indeed!

  3. terieLR 04/24/2012

    As an antique lover, this display makes me smile. Do they leave these year round or for winter-interest elements? Recently at a garden event we saw wreaths made from two circles of garden hose, (various colors) wrapped with a simple decoration to tye them together. I plan to do that for the garden cottage door this summer.

    Spring has gone on WINTER BREAK here in central NY. Thanks again for all concerned yesterday. Perennials are crushed yet under 6" of icy snow and flakes are in the air this morning. Jimminy crickets!

  4. User avater
    meander_michaele 04/24/2012

    I felt my morning brain cells ping with delight at seeing this one...very fun! And it does make me think about what I have laying around that could be given a second life.

  5. gloriagene 04/24/2012

    There is an artist in every gardener!

    What fun!

    Question, how did they hide their chain link fence?

    Snow on the roof tops, and peony buds too! :( !!! OH, my
    I knew we would pay for garden clean up in March!

    gloria gene...

  6. marymax 04/24/2012

    I have gotten a wealth of ideas from one picture. I love the design of the fence on the left and I especially love the border around the flower beds. The hose & sprinkler design is also very original. Thank you for the ideas.

  7. tractor1 04/24/2012

    I'd rather see those sprinklers in use, the old ones were made much better than any of the crumby plastic ones made nowadays... I see no reason to retire those sprinklers.

    Perhaps I'm clueless but I see zero artistry in that display.

  8. wwross 04/24/2012

    Thats great! Tractor1, come on, have a sense of humor.

  9. cstewart12 04/24/2012

    I love that you re-purposed the sprinklers. are correct in that things were made to last in the old days. But.....they are being used and that is a good thing. I think it is a clever idea and you can always find sprinkles at garage sales. Thanks for giving us all a new idea.

  10. sheilaschultz 04/24/2012

    This is just plain fun!

  11. MichelleGervais 04/24/2012

    Sabrina and Freeland truly do have a sincere love and respect for vintage garden implements. They collect them and use them every day! I think too often great objects like this are forgotten in garages and basements. The Tanners are giving them new life, and I love it!

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