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Which Would You Choose? Kitchen Compost Collectors

This is what I woke up to and what started me thinking that I could realllllllllllly do better

I woke up this morning, walked into the kitchen and all of a sudden the kitchen scrap collection method we’ve been using for years just didn’t cut the mustard greens anymore. We’ve been using a vintage colander set on a plate, or an old 1/4 bushel basket that makes a mess.

The kid was still asleep, so I had time to pour a mug of coffee and get on Facebook and ask others what they were using for kitchen compost collectors. I had no idea I’d get 50+ comments in just a few hours. People have IDEAS on how this should be done!
This is what I woke up to and what started me thinking that I could realllllllllllly do better
Option 1: old bucket, no lid
Option 2: Awesome cookie jar. I know we will either break it or forget about it when there’s yuck inside. 
Option 3: Vintage wine bucket in “my color” I’m voting for this…
Option 4: An old Maurice Lenell cokkie tub, Practical, recycling, it will ALWAYS make me want cookies. Everytime I see it. 
Option 5: A sand bucket with an ill-fitting (on me, not the bucket) Hello Kitty shower cap.It may have been made for children?
The plastic coffee container idea seems perfect, except we’re coffee snobs so I’d have to ask my Dad to save a Folger’s tub for us. I’m in the mood for immediate gratification.
I liked the egg carton idea someone posted, but we don’t move fast enough. The compost bin is FAR FAR FAR away from the back door and I need something that can sit a few days…
The ceramic bean pot idea would be great. But I’m stressed about using something breakable, as we have a little composter that likes to make the trek out to the bin…
So here’s what I came up with. See the photos above with descriptions.
What do you think I should use??
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  1. GaiaGiftFarm 07/10/2013

    Definitely the covered wine bucket. It's got finesse AND a lid.

    We used the plastic cookie tub for years (I'm immune to cookies)and recently switched to a small step-open garbage can which works great for 3 seasons. Recently the fruit-flies made it clear to us that it was not air-tight and hubby freaked out when he found that the flies had been, ummm... proliferating in there, too. Our compost pile is far far away from the back door, as well, and it does tend to pile up. I bought a new Rubbermaid tight-sealing tub on the weekend to get us through the season, but we really miss the convenience & capacity of the little garbage can.

  2. PattiT 07/10/2013

    I vote for option 3, the vintage wine bucket.

  3. user-7006916 07/12/2013

    Cookie jar, duh.

  4. susan749 07/14/2013

    I like the vintage wine cooler too. I use a plastic mixing bowl with a handle but then I take it out to the compost every day, even in the middle of the winter usually in the dark which is when we are doing the dishes.

  5. cooke 07/23/2013

    We use a bucket similar to your old galvanized one but smaller, newer, and shinier; no cover. I line it with a stack of the plastic bags from vegetables, which are just the right size, to line the inside and roll over the rim. We take it out to the compost bin every few days. When you lift out the full bag, there are more underneath ready to fill. The plastic bag gets dropped in the covered trash bin outside on the way back from the compost pile. Haven't had much trouble with flies or odor. If we do notice anything we take it out. I think light and air circulation help. I'd be afraid a covered, especially air tight one, would smell worse.

  6. trashywoman62 08/06/2013

    I have a plastic ice cream bucket w/tight lid sitting next to the sink and one of those plastic kitty litter containers outside the kitchen door. When inside one gets full, it goes out to bigger container. Seems to work well for me although sometimes in summer it starts to get funky pretty fast but both containers seal well and haven't experienced any smells or fruit flies. I just keep meaning to paint over the kitty litter logo coz its not so pretty on the patio.

  7. martha11 08/08/2013

    As we all know freezers perform better when full. During the Winter as our freezer is becoming empty we use any free plastic bag, e.g., vegetable bags from the grocery or re-usable zip type bags to collect kitchen scraps. We throw them in the freezer to be buried in our lasagna garden when convenient during the Spring or Summer or collect enough to make a new batch of compost. No wasted counter space; no mess; no odors.

  8. ChrisCasey 09/27/2013

    Cookie jar. We use a stainless steel ice bucket with lid. kinda boring, but it's the right size and matches the coffee maker, toaster, etc.

  9. RossOttawa 10/09/2013

    Check out the Kitchen Cone. It lets you use newspaper as a liner, has a lid, and it has LOTS of ventilation so the food dries out and doesn't smell.

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