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Vibrant Colored Blooms for All Seasons

By Kim Charles

Biyuan Yang from New Jersey has filled her property with flower beds vs. lawn with beautiful results.

“I’ve have been receiving inspiring garden photos from you for a long time, and I finally decided to send a few pictures of my garden in Livingston, NJ. I moved to my current home in the fall of 2009, and over the years I dug up more and more lawn until my beds surrounded the front yard and reached the sidewalk this spring. I love all flowers, so I fill my garden with colors from spring until fall. I am a long time subscriber of your magazine, and I want to take this opportunity to say that I have thoroughly enjoyed every one of the issues!”

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  1. sandyprowse 10/03/2017

    What a beautiful garden! A treat to look at with my morning coffee.
    Sandy Prowse
    Toronto, Canada.

    1. biyuan_yang 10/03/2017

      Thanks Sandy!

  2. Maggieat11 10/03/2017

    I imagine that the traffic goes S L O W past your home! Lovely! I especially like the combo of the white Alliums with the pink Peony!

    1. biyuan_yang 10/03/2017

      Thank you Margaret, yes sometimes cars do slow down and the driver would say nice things about my garden. When that happens it always makes my day!

  3. User avater
    treasuresmom 10/03/2017

    I see one of my top; 5 plants there - coneflowers. Everything is amazing. Especially love the way you have planted near the street.

    1. biyuan_yang 10/03/2017

      Thanks! Coneflower is my favorite too! So colorful and low maintenance. They are everywhere in my garden.

  4. NCYarden 10/03/2017

    Fantastic - less lawn for more interesting horticultural delights. Great mix of plants in the borders. Those alliums are great - always something joyous about them, especially the way they stand up above the other shorter plants. Thanks for sharing.

    1. biyuan_yang 10/03/2017

      I love my alliums! May get more of them.

  5. User avater
    meander_michaele 10/03/2017

    Good morning, Biyuan, you're the person I'd want to stop and chat with if I were taking a walk in your neighborhood. Love your tumbling clump of variegated Japanese forest grass in picture #3...such an eye-catcher. You've done a beautiful job limbing up your Japanese maple...making it lovely with or without leaves. Looks like you have an sunken edging around your beds...what material did you use, if you don't mind me asking?

    1. biyuan_yang 10/03/2017

      I got those concrete bricks (not sure if that is the real name) from home depot. Yes I dug a shallow ditch around the edges and sunk the bricks in. They make the garden so much neater.

      1. User avater
        meander_michaele 10/03/2017

        By using such an attractive and permanent material for edging, you are protected from bed "creep" which happens to me regularly. I like how tidy everything looks.

  6. user-4691082 10/03/2017

    Good morning Biyuan, you have created a beautiful cottage garden. I will warn you about the lysmachia (creeping Jenny). It will take over your yard! They will swallow your succulents alive! Ok, no more drama. What kind of Japanese maple do you have? Great job!

    1. biyuan_yang 10/03/2017

      Thanks Rhonda, I have indeed learned my lesson with creeping Jenny and now only have them in containers. It took me quite a while to remove them from the beds.
      About the Japanese maple, I don't know its name. I inherited it from the previous owner.

  7. wittyone 10/03/2017

    What a beautiful job you've done. I bet the neighbors love to walk by just to see "what's blooming today?" with your ever changing display.

    1. biyuan_yang 10/03/2017

      I do get compliments...That is another joy of gardening!

  8. User avater
    Tim_Zone_Denial_Vojt 10/03/2017

    You've put all of that inspiration to good use! Looks great. Really loving the color and your Hakone grass is a great compliment to the rest of the garden.

    1. biyuan_yang 10/03/2017

      Yes Tim, and I find myself getting more Hakone grass every year!

  9. cheryl_c 10/03/2017

    Good morning, Biyuan - and thank you for a beautiful way to start this cloudy morning. You have created a beautiful garden, the envy of the neighbors, I would think. I love your combination of sedum and lambs ear in the last shot - what a perfect pairing, but I've not seen it before. And the surrounding players keep the symphony of muted colors going! Thanks for sharing - I hope you will send in more pictures soon. I'd love to see some winter/snow/frost pictures! I'll bet that streetside bed looks great then, too!

    1. biyuan_yang 10/03/2017

      Thank you Cheryl, I do have evergreens in the garden. They're still quite young and can't compete with perennials for spotlight right now, but they anchor the scene in winter. I will definitely take pictures when it is colder. Hopefully my garden still looks good by then.

  10. Beezos 10/03/2017

    Beautiful! I'm sure you're the envy of the neighborhood. I especially love your elegant clumps of hakone and gorgeous succulent combination. Very nice thanks for sharing!

    1. biyuan_yang 10/03/2017

      I think I planted that clump of hakone in the first spring after I took over the garden. They get better each year, and I have divided them once so I can have more!

  11. perenniallycrazy 10/03/2017

    Love the mixing of all the colours! Your hakone looks wonderful too.

    1. biyuan_yang 10/03/2017

      Thank you!

  12. Cenepk10 10/03/2017

    Gorgeous ! Great pics ! Love the creeping Jenny pic . Also - out by the street is amazing. Very nice

    1. biyuan_yang 10/03/2017


  13. btucker9675 10/03/2017

    Lovely - yet another reason I miss NJ. It's not called the Garden State for nothing!

    1. biyuan_yang 10/03/2017

      Thank you Beth, I love NJ too.

  14. schatzi 10/03/2017

    Lush and lovely. I think that like me, you have never met a flower you didn't like! And I like all of yours. Beautiful!

    1. biyuan_yang 10/03/2017

      Shirley I do agree with you that there is no flower that is not pretty. I may have to keep digging out more lawn.

  15. user-7008735 10/03/2017

    Very pretty, Bijuan! I especially like your photo of the white and purple alliums with the pink peony. Spring gardens are such a joy, but I can see you have planted for all the seasons.

    1. biyuan_yang 10/03/2017

      Well I am trying to have a four season garden, but my shrubs are still young.

  16. JoannaAtGinghamGardens 10/03/2017

    So beautiful! I want to see more. I love all the textures and color.

    1. biyuan_yang 10/03/2017

      I will take more pictures later in the season and see if the fine editors of Fine Gardening pick them again ?

  17. user-7008932 10/03/2017

    Congrats Mom

    1. biyuan_yang 10/03/2017

      Thank you sweetheart

  18. tennisluv 10/03/2017

    Biyuan, you have done a great job reducing the size of your front lawn and encircling it with a bounteous riot of colors and textures. I am sure you enjoy every moment spent in your creation. Thanks for sharing.

  19. cynthiamccain 10/04/2017

    I love your beautiful borders, Biyuan! Our yard has also fallen victim to DLS*, with more emphasis on shrubs and perennials, less on grass. You've provided the inspiration I've come to expect from fellow GPODers. Thanks for sharing!

    *Disappearing lawn syndrome.

  20. user-7008421 10/04/2017

    Beautiful gardens! You've been busy this spring and summer!

  21. grannieannie1 10/04/2017

    You've succeeded, Biyuan in showing the world we need less lawn and more flowers. What a smorgasbord of both color and beautiful texture.

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