Use a Swiffer dry mop to make your greenhouse sparkle

The big-name cleaning tool makes a great difference on glasshouse panes

Photo/Illustration: Jean Fowler

I found that my Swiffer dry mop works like a charm to clean my greenhouse glass: Its long handle allows me to reach the high panes, and its soft-scrub pad is inexpensive and durable. To start, I add a cup of white vinegar and a few drops of dish-washing soap to a bucket of hot water. I submerge the Swiffer into the bucket, swish it around, and start mopping the exterior of my greenhouse. The windows come out sparkling with little effort. I now don’t mind the chore of maintaining maximum sunshine for my plants. Because it’s so effec­tive, I also use it to clean my wood-shop and house windows.

-Lynne Lightowler-Buck, Bainbridge, New York

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