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Troubleshooting Viburnums

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  1. sboehm 05/16/2015

    I have 5 large full-gown viburnums planted in full sun. Last year, two started not to look so good: leaves dried up on half of each bush but the other halves continued to look vigorous. This year all 5 flowered, but all 5 have VERY tiny leaves. Overall, they're looking sparse. We've had two exceptionally cold back-to-back winters and a unusually wet spring. Should I prune heavily? They're the only privacy we have from our neighbors, so I hate to prune them at all.

    1. annapuchalski 08/31/2016

      Hi SBoehm, did you happen to find a solution to your issue? I am experiencing the same.

  2. karinhorner 11/02/2015

    My dear husband is a plant murderer and misunderstood which tree I needed chopped down so he cut my Viburnum to the ground over a year ago. It is now putting up side shoots. What to do. It never had issues before its demise.....would like to save it.

  3. user-7008440 04/01/2017

    The viburnum tinus that I planted as a small pot-grown shrub and has flourished for some 20 years is now looking increasingly miserable; even younger leaves are brown and dryish - like the image at It's affecting increasing amounts of the shrub, if anything more on the sunnier sides than the shady one. Pruning to make the shrub more open in form hasn't (yet) helped. Any suggestions for how to save it, please?

  4. sherrynortonbrunelle 05/15/2017

    I have a Korean spice viburnum that a large piece of its stalk was broken off a couple of years ago. Although it looks very healthy with lots of foliage, I've had no blossoms since. I haven't pruned it.

  5. jean_herman 05/18/2017

    My ten year old viburnum davidii shrubs only have leaves growing on the outside tips of the branches. There are almost no inner leaves at all. How far back should I prune them? What is causing this condition? They are in the sun and get water regularly.

  6. user-7008887 09/13/2017

    My viburnums set fruit in some years but not in others. I assume they are being pollinated or they wouldn't fruit at all. Why some years and not others?

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