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Topped off with plants

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Photo/Illustration: Michelle Gervais

Today we feature a staircase at Chanticleer where the sloping handrail walls are planted with a lush combo of tropicals, perennials, and annuals. I would love to know what that beefy vine with the heart-shaped leaves is. Does anyone recognize it?

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Photo/Illustration: Michelle Gervais
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Photo/Illustration: Michelle Gervais

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Photo/Illustration: Michelle Gervais
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Photo/Illustration: Michelle Gervais
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Photo/Illustration: Michelle Gervais
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Photo/Illustration: Michelle Gervais


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  1. Kris_at_Blithewold 08/18/2011

    It's a wooly morning glory - Argyreia nervosa - and just about the coolest plant ever! The new growth is especially gorgeous - all silvery - and the leaves unfold like cards as they grow.

  2. user-7006885 08/18/2011

    It certainly is a lovely collection of plants. But doesn't it somehow defeat the purpose of the handrail ----- giving a walker something to hold onto as they teeter down those steep steps? Or is the handrail is easier to see from the top?

  3. Annedean 08/18/2011

    Chanticleer is gorgeous but doesn't identify plants. I miss that. I prefer visiting Longwood Gardens where I can photograph name tags and plants I'd like for our garden. Have learned a lot there!

  4. TheNatureofRita 08/18/2011

    In what zone is Chanticleer located? I love that vine (wooly morning glory???) and wondering if it would survive in Minneapolis along a fence (microclimate back yard).

  5. boards 08/18/2011

    Where is Chanticleer> I plan to make a trip from North Carolina to visit Longwood Gardens and would like to add another garden. Thanks.
    Planting at Doghobble

  6. MichelleGervais 08/18/2011

    Chanticleer is in Wayne, Pennsylvania, about 1/2 hour from Longwood. SOOOO worth the extra time, boards.

    Looks like that vine is tropical and not definitely not hardy in Minnestota, TheNatureofRita. Bummer. But I'll bet it would be worth it to grow it as an annual!

    I do wish they labeled more of their plants, Annedean, but I also find that their lack makes me enjoy the garden for what it is, to stop looking for labels and just take it all in. It was an adjustment for me, because I'm obsessed with knowing the Latin name of every plant on earth (ha!), but now I love this about Chanticleer.

    Wittyone, there wasn't really a place to put your hand, but you walk so slowly down these stairs, taking it all in, that I didn't seem to need it.

    Kris--tahnks so much for the ID! Sounds like you love this plant...

  7. arboretum 08/19/2011

    hey, kris, i hope you'll be sending in some photos to FGPOD of your work down there! layanee always has great things to say about what you're doing and i know the FG readers would love to see!

  8. Kris_at_Blithewold 08/19/2011

    Thank you, Mindy - Layanee's the best! I'll see about putting a handful of favorite shots together (how to choose?!) and meanwhile I hope you consider a visit either virtually ( or for reals!

  9. rstamper 08/19/2011

    Perhaps you should have mentioned these steps lead to the former tennis court which is now a fabulous perennial garden. I think your viewers would enjoy pictures of that planting.

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