To Weed Your Garden Faster, Try This Simple Tool

Fine Gardening – Issue 200
Photo: courtesy of Michele Christiano

Born in the UK, the Speedweeder is a surprisingly handy tool. It doesn’t look like much, but it is surprisingly versatile. The simple shape of the heavy-duty wire hook with a plastic-coated handle is ergonomically designed for easy weeding without discomfort. It is my go-to tool for weeding around cracks and crevices in patios and rock gardens and for pulling out creeping weeds like crabgrass and ground ivy. Other tasks, like removing vines that are growing up walls and breaking up pot-bound roots, are also a cinch. The narrow shape and weightless design make it easy to slip this tool into your pruners sheath. Best of all, it will probably be one of the most inexpensive tools in your garden bag.

—Michele Christiano

Source: (United States)

Price: $9.84

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