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The Youthful Face of Farming

I like to see that farmers aren’t a dying breed. There are still plenty of young dreamers out there who like to get their hands dirty; And with a new generation of consumers who would like to know where there food has been (prior to their fridge), local and organic farming is becoming more and more popular.

I was recently thumbing through my alumni magazine from the University of Pittsburgh and saw a nice write-up on their Agricultural Entrepreneurship Program, a program designed to help farmers prosper in the business of, well, farming. I’m feeling pretty inspired about the direction things are going in the local and organic food movement, and I think we’re getting back to someplace good: demand for small, privately owned farms. 

Want to get a little enthusiastic yourself? Check out Mother Nature Network’s (MNN) recent picks for the Top 40 Farmers Under 40.

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  1. Catherine_Dougherty 11/03/2009

    My young farmer was raised on organic produce grown by his (ahem) Mother. Between the gardens, the Jersey cow he milked, and the chickens we raised, he was used to 'real' food. He has grown his own garden since he left home... as have his brothers.

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