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On a recent photo shoot, a Fine Gardening contributor turned Dee and I onto this creative, if not disturbing, display of beach art on the North Fork of Long Island. I was delighted to sink my feet in the sand and take in the salty, slightly fishy scent of the sound… mmm… we walked along the shore in search of the driftwood garden and then, BAM – there it was – the unmistakable, one of a kind, driftwood community. It was erected out of beach treasures and no limit of self expression.

We cautiously approached and digitally documented every creeptastic angle. Dee bravely entered the hut and found a scrapbook encased in protective plastic. A note attached requested any and all visitors to comment, sign, and date the book. We flipped through the entries and giggled at the angry feuding neighbors who raged against the “monstrosity that has defaced their seaside landscape.” We indulged the creator(s), made our contributions, and made our way home – fast!

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