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One last wacky hosta

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Photo/Illustration: Michelle Gervais

Let’s wrap up this week’s hosta theme with one more from the Thyrums. This one is called ‘Praying Hands’, and for the life of me, I can’t figure out why (any ideas?). But it’s cool! Those twisty leaves are an unexpected sight. I don’t know about you, but after this week, I have an urge to go hosta shopping!

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Photo/Illustration: Michelle Gervais


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  1. ncgardener 04/15/2011

    The folding of the leaves, praying that the slugs don't get them. I have been using ammonia and water this Spring and so far it is working great. My hosta's have never looked so good. I am using a very mild mixture, 1/10: ammonia/water. Even the potted hosta's look great.

  2. Deanneart 04/15/2011

    I used to have that one but the voles ate it... I believe the name is because of the upright leaves. Love it in that container.

  3. stanhorst 04/15/2011

    @ncgardner - I've never heard of using ammonia. How often? How heavy? Do you spray the plant or the ground around it?

    Stan Horst

  4. Adsson 04/15/2011

    Look at the curve of the leaves going out and turning back to each other as your hands are.while in prayer

  5. sheilaschultz 04/15/2011

    It's a fun hosta, and the pot is very cool. I especially like the fern peeking out from underneath!

  6. chick_weeds 04/15/2011

    Rodin (the guy who did the Thinker) had a sculpture titled "Praying Hands" that looked like it was turning/twisting. Perhaps that is the inspiration of the name.

  7. greengrowler 04/15/2011

    Advice please, anyone: Will hostas overwinter in a pot? I live in zone 4 to 5 Colorado where winter tempuratures and mositure vary wildly. I use hostas in pots for the summer then plant in-ground in the fall.

  8. mlhronnie 04/15/2011

    I'm new to the list...would like more info about the ammonia/water for the Hostas..About 3 yrs ago I got hooked on Hostas and would love to do what's best for them...I live in the Pacific Northwest..

  9. arboretum 04/16/2011

    The 1 c. ammonia, 10 c. water is a solution that is meant to be poured on the hosta crowns as the plant is breaking dormancy-to kill the overwintered slug eggs that are tucked down in the crown. I did it last yr for the first time and it seemed a good thing. Important, i think, to do it again during the season and when you start to see alot of damage. But i'm not sure of the details. i suggest youall go on the Hosta Forum and the Perennials forum of and do a search. Here in the z.5 boston area, the slugs start to appear in june, and that's when i think i'm to do the repeat. But i don't know if there is a scientifically quantified experiment with specific guidelines gleaned from testing.


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