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The coolest public restrooms on the planet…

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Photo/Illustration: Michelle Gervais

I visited Longwood Gardens down in Pennsylvania late last week, and one of the things I was most excited to see was, believe it or not, their new public bathrooms. When I was there late last summer they were just completing them, and even then, during a sneak peak when I had to duck under scaffolding wearing a hard hat, they were spectacular. They’re even better now! This underground corridor is attached to one of the rear corners of the conservatory, and it’s a huge living wall under a glass roof, with individual bathrooms evenly spaced along each side. Inside each bathroom is a domed ceiling topped with a small, round skylight that pokes out of the grass above. It’s truly a spectacular destination, even if you don’t feel the urge to pee… Forgive the lousy shots of the bathroom interiors. They don’t do these relaxing rooms justice.

Here’s a link to more info on this very cool addition to this already amazing garden.

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Photo/Illustration: Michelle Gervais
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Photo/Illustration: Michelle Gervais
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Photo/Illustration: Michelle Gervais
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  1. rstamper 08/09/2011

    An elegant use of a contempoary gardening technique. I will visit Longwood just to see this.

  2. lovemyyard 08/09/2011

    Holey mole-y!

  3. Havenwood 08/09/2011

    Another vote for best restrooms...if you are ever in Alexandria, Ohio, check out Baker's Acres Garden Center. Their restrooms change theme annually. Always worth a visit! Oh, and their selection of plants and expertise are wonderful too!

  4. PeonyFan 08/09/2011

    Wow! What plants are growing on those walls?

  5. SherylAZ 08/09/2011

    Wow! Beautiful *and* smart. I've been told about Longwood for some time, now... gotta get there.

  6. tractor1 08/09/2011

    I must be missing something... I don't get it with all the ooing and aahing... it's a toilet, not the emporer's new clothes. I live on a farm, when I want to see greenery up close and personal I climb down from my tractor and squat behind a bush/tree in a hedgerow and fertilze. That total waste of dollars on the ludicrus reminds me of a military latrine in Nam but with doors.

  7. arboretum 08/09/2011

    michelle, did you put on your investigative jounalist hat and reach behind those plants to reveal the true story?
    what a terrific wall.

  8. djk78 08/09/2011

    It sure is beautiful but I am not so sure I would like the skylight because I would feel like somebody is looking in and how do they assure that nobody does.

  9. boards 08/11/2011

    I'm thinking about hungry, abused children.
    Plant Swapping Gardener

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