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The Gardens of Gananoque

In the summer of 2015, the Gananoque Horticultural Society Garden featured the ‘Americana Cherry Rose’ geranium, an eye catching and floriferous variety.

Roberta Abbott, Secretary for the Gananoque Horticultural Society, has kindly shared a selection of local society's garden tours of 2015. Enjoy!

"Gananoque, Ontario, Canada, a small, historic town on the St. Lawrence River, is blessed with many lovely gardens. The Gananoque Horticultural Society, which has been in existence for over 100 years, celebrates our community's gardening prowess by organizing an annual Garden Tour, this year to be held on Sunday, July 10, 2016. Eight to ten local gardens are featured, and usually include both private residences and beautiful commercial spaces, such as restaurants and hotels. Last summer’s tour featured an extensive rose garden with over 200 varieties; the large annual and perennial beds of the Gananoque Inn and Spa; a tiny European-style courtyard surrounded by shrubs and flowers; and the Society’s own public garden. Most are within walking distance and are also close to numerous opportunities for shopping, sightseeing, and dining. We encourage all gardeners who plan to be in the area (or those who just love plants and flowers) to visit and take the tour."

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In Julie and Bob Taylor’s back yard, a shady corner is ideal for a variety of small hostas. 

‘Henry Hudson’ Explorer rose is draped over the archway, with the fragrant ‘Blanc Double de Coubert’ beside it. The central garden of Lucille and Chris MacDonald’s spacious lot features about 100 hybrid tea and floribunda roses. 

Lush hanging baskets enliven the courtyard at the Gananoque Inn & Spa. 

A ‘Jackmanii’ clematis twines around an old bed frame at the Purple House Café. 

A small courtyard behind the home of Liz and Rick Austin is brightened by a hardy Explorer rose, while a curly willow drapes across the garden. 

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  1. User avater
    meander_michaele 03/04/2016

    Looks like your charming Gananoque is a lovely place to live and enjoy gardening. I had to look up is geographic location and I'm suspecting your growing zone is 5 or 6a because of it being on the water? Am I close? So nice to see those healthy hosta and that variety of geranium in the first picture is a real stunner. Thanks for treating us to the pictures.

  2. galealdred 03/04/2016

    Thanks for sending those beautiful gardens to us as the snow falls on eastern L.I. in New York.

  3. user-4691082 03/04/2016

    Ahh, beautiful photos to tease us as a gentle (and dare I say) and beautiful snowfall comes to an end in SE PA! Loved the color of those geraniums! Thanks!

  4. User avater
    gringopeligroso 03/04/2016

    I'm jealous! I wish we had some similar society here! Do you and the other officers take your skills on the road??!! Traveling about these parts, I see glimpses of glory and sanctuaries from the roads, but it's frustrating (and dangerous) to daly when behind the wheel!! How wonderful to be able to traipse about on foot through the various creative stages for wonder and inspiration! Thanx for sharing, and expecially thanx to the gardeners and institutions who open their gates and endeavours for others!!

  5. User avater
    Tim_Zone_Denial_Vojt 03/04/2016

    Looks like a great area and great tour. Thanks for giving us a glimpse. I've never seen bedded geraniums look so good!

  6. katieerb 03/04/2016

    I see so many beautiful gardens from Canada, definitely makes me want to visit again, I went to Victoria a few years and so enjoyed Butchart Gardens but I have never toured the mainland, it is a must add to my bucket list!

  7. schatzi 03/04/2016

    Beautiful photos. I especially love the black cranes in the lovely Hosta bed. Ah yes, Katie - Victoria is a beautiful city and the B. gardens are wonderful.

  8. User avater
    LindaonWhidbey 03/04/2016

    Roberta, garden tours of private homes and establishments is so much fun. We have two every summer on our island and it's one of our favorite things to do. Yours looks especially inviting.How far are you from Montreal? Our son loves there now and your city looks like an interesting side trip for when we go to visit him.

  9. GrannyMay 03/04/2016

    How lovely! Thanks for sharing these, Roberta. I'm so happy to see garden tours being offered practically everywhere. They add another way to get that garden fix and share garden tips even when travelling.

  10. user-7007966 03/06/2016

    Beautiful! I live for garden walks in our area. It is a chance to see how others would pair plants together in my zone range. With that in mind, do you think the explorer rose would do well in zone 5? Thank's for sharing your garden walk event.

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