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The end of the season in Jeff’s Tennessee Garden, Day 2

Yucca, agave, aloe, and sempervivum

Happy Monday, GPODers! Here’s Day 2 of Jeff Calton’s garden as it winds down for the season. Heads up–Jeff sent in some photos from clients’ gardens, too, so we’ll be seeing more from Jeff this week. Stay tuned!

Last of the lantana

Hey folks–help me keep kicking out posts all winter long–send me photos of your gardens NOW! Email me at [email protected]. Thanks!

Meyer’s Improved lemon

Montauk daisy and honeysuckle
Montauk daisy and honeysuckle
Sago, hyssop, plumbago, Kniphofia ‘Papaya Popsicle’
Persian shield (Strobilanthes dyerianus)

Succulents ready for winter

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  1. perenniallycrazy 10/06/2014

    Some heartstopping displays there Jeff - especially the first photograph of your succulent garden. ♥ Your last photograph is like a tempting display from the candy store too. I am sad to see summer go. It was beautiful this year. So what do we do now until Spring?

    1. user-1020932 10/06/2014

      Cherry, you are my biggest cheerleader and I appreciate it! What do we do until Spring? We plan for 2015, sure you have lots of ideas for next years containers already.

  2. GrannyMay 10/06/2014

    It's hard to believe that the curtain of cold is coming down soon on your lush and beautiful summer garden displays, Jeff. I hope you managed to get your favourites moved to shelter. Can't believe those succulents in photo 1! They have coped wonderfully well in your rainy summer. Maybe fall will be kind in your area and allow some of the less tender plants to keep going on for a while yet.

    1. user-1020932 10/06/2014

      May, everything is moved that is going to be moved inside. I have given away carloads of plants i can't keep or those that I just start over with each spring. It was 35F Saturday night so I now have some droopy sweet potatoes, crispy coleus and curled up Plumbago,,,,,,,,,the big clean off will happen this weekend. THEN it will look like winter.

  3. User avater
    Tim_Zone_Denial_Vojt 10/06/2014

    Well, I didn't have to look too hard to find those agaves! Please don't tell me those are hardy in Tennessee! Attenuata? What are those stunning Yuccas? I'm preparing myself for the news that they are not zone 6-hardy. I didn't think I loved lantana, but yours are beautiful. Thanks so much for sharing your inspiring garden. Oh, and what's with the antebellum mansion reflecting in the succulent window? Is that your house? ;) cheers!

    1. user-1020932 10/06/2014

      Tim, that is an Agave hybrid called Blue Flame, they are good to 20F. Yucca gloriosa variegata, they sailed right through last winter's -10F and extended very cold weather. lantana i like because the hotter it gets theymore they flower and hummers like them, theyare NO work if you get the smaller growing varieties and NO that is not my house! i live in the gardeners cottage on the other side of the road or the wrong side of the tracks whichever way you wanna look at it. that house was built in 1991, mother/son live there and you better not set foot on that property!!! :) but theykeep it neat and tidy so i'm glad it's there

      1. User avater
        Tim_Zone_Denial_Vojt 10/06/2014

        Thanks for the info. I might try the Yucca, although we occasionally dip below -10F. I guess those risks are my type of "danger garden", although probably more aptly named "failed investments" garden! At least the mansion looks like a nice view and borrowed scenery! Hope you don't get any bad weather today!

      2. sheila_schultz 10/06/2014

        Your Blue Flame is gorgeous Jeff... alas my nursery is Agave 'flameless' now. It makes such a statement and my clients love theirs. 2 were moved into one client's condo on Friday, another client tossed his for lack of indoor space . Breaks my heart ;(

    2. sheila_schultz 10/06/2014

      I'm with you, Jeff, I love lantana! This year they were soooo effortless for such a colorful payback! The new hybrids are awesome.

  4. greengenes 10/06/2014

    There is still color! Those daisies are so happy looking. There is no funeral yet! Time is coming though when they will sleep and we shall dream of next year's displays. There certainly are so many choices of plants that we will never get bored! They are all great pictures Jeff. The lemons are great! Thanks for sharing with us! Have a great fall season!

    1. user-1020932 10/06/2014

      quite a bit of black in the garden now! will get it cleared out eventually to enjoy the fall colors of the shrubs. and greengenes those lemons were delicious, the problem with this variety is that they fruit so heavily on such small trees that i have to rig scaffolding and tie up every little branch so they won't break

  5. NCYarden 10/06/2014

    Fantastic blasts of color still....just - a - little - bit - l o n g e r. Yeah the garden bones will be exposed soon enough. At least a small break comes with the winter, although as gardeners there's really no stopping - cleaning up or planning or something. That succulent garden in the first picture is amazing. And I'm jealous of all the window and shelf space you have to overwinter your plants. What a great space!

    1. user-1020932 10/06/2014

      that is just one window, i'm almost out of room and approaching being served with divorce papers

  6. User avater
    meander_michaele 10/06/2014

    I keep going back to those stunning architectural shapes in picture up/down key is getting quite a workout! I don't recall you mentioning if that, oh, so handsome agave got dug and potted up so it could winter indoors? Please tell me yes. Is Montauk Daisy a specific fall bloomer or are those flowers just a continuation of summer's show?
    Yes, that is quite an impressive line up of filled shelves showing in the window. I think I will make sure Darwin sees it so he doesn't think I'm so bad for the amount of stuff I want to bring inside...thanks for getting me off the hook, Jeff!

    1. user-1020932 10/06/2014

      Mike, glad i could help you out with Darwin :) and the Montauk daisy is a fall bloomer, clear/crisp white until it's well below freezing, those Agave will not be potted up they will most likely die but i do have others in pots

      1. User avater
        meander_michaele 10/06/2014

        OK, I admit it, Jeff, I was back looking at that first picture again and was struck with how complimentary the little clusters of hens and chicks are color-wise with the agave...such a great grouping.

        1. user-1020932 10/06/2014

          and i will admit,,,,,,,,it wasn't planned. i had these sempervivum , they needed to be planted so plop plop plop in they went. no rhyme or reason to it i just needed to put them somewhere that day

          1. User avater
            meander_michaele 10/07/2014

            I love when serendipity sneaks in and gives us a helping hand.

  7. thevioletfern 10/06/2014

    Wait, where is it you live again? So lush, so vibrant, so not TN! I just love that last photo of the greenhouse. So organic yet linear. Do you heat it? Must with succulents? I picked up a small greenhouse - no heat - but look forward to some early seed starting. I'm going to try some Elephant's Ears - you've inspired!

    1. user-1020932 10/06/2014

      Kathy, that last photo isn't a greenhouse,,, it's my family room window! colocasia and alocasia are always a favorite here

  8. sheila_schultz 10/06/2014

    Gorgeous, Jeff. Even with so much of your summer being spent watching the rain fall, the outcome was rainforest lush! Before I read your post I was just thinking that next weekend is cut down the gardens time... it would be this week but we're hosting a baby shower on Sat. and a garden with a crew cut wouldn't be too welcoming?
    BTW, I'm 'blue-green' with envy that you can have those agaves, yuccas and aloes in the ground as opposed to in the house for the winter!

    1. user-1020932 10/06/2014

      sheila, the aloes and agave are summer only, the yucca is perfectly hardy though

      1. sheila_schultz 10/06/2014

        Slap up the side of my head... of course they are! I get so tunnel visioned sometimes it is scary. Thank you for putting the bug in my head to pop some of my S & C into the ground next season. It's certainly not that my gardens don't have any holes, I just get so focused on pots. Thanks, Maestro!

  9. GrannyCC 10/06/2014

    Gorgeous as always Jeff. I love all your combinations of colour, texture and shapes. Good luck with the clean up. Can't believe the temperatures you have had so soon. Here on Vancouver Island it was hot enough yesterday for shorts and tee shirts. I do put my succulents in the greenhouse which I keep just above freezing.It is mainly because of the rain which I find they don't like.

    1. user-1020932 10/06/2014

      that was an early early cold spell and just for one night, it has mellowed out now

  10. Nurserynotnordstroms 10/06/2014

    We lost power last night so no internet until everything was rebooted (not sure why the power went off)ok so I finally get a look at what other photos of Jeff's are up today. Wow that's a lot of plants to move in. I just brought my Sarracenias in this morning. I thought today would be the day to bring in others but we are having a new roof installed and we are mostly baracaded in. Will your honeysuckle keep blooming or die to the ground,I love the red you remember what the name is of your honeysuckle? Mine will continue for most of the fall and into winer if it's mild enough,the hummers like that. I love the bed with the yucca agave and aloe. I don't have any beds like that and it's so interesting,it would be nice if we had room for a bed like that. Thanks for sharing your gardens again today it was a nice way to start my week off. Ummmm now I just need to think of an indoor project. Possibly sketching new beds for next year?????If I can talk Don out of more lawn.

    1. user-1020932 10/06/2014

      that honeysuckle is Peaches and Cream, not very fragrant butit's a good performer otherwise. will Sarracenia not live outdoors there? mine just stay where they are year in and year out. the agave will most likely die, it's only good to 20 degrees, the aloe was too big to bring in another year so i took cuttings this spring and planted the mother plant in ground, gave alway all the cuttings this fall, the honeysuckle flowers primarily late spring/early summer and sporadically the rest of the season until it's below freezing, evergreen but no flowers

      1. Nurserynotnordstroms 10/07/2014

        Thanks for your reply,I think I have seen peaches and cream but yours looks like it is more red, might just be the unopened bloom looks that way. I bring my Sarracenia in because they look great in the den over winter. I am not sure if they would winter over are yours in a pot or the ground? mine are all in pots.

        1. user-1020932 10/07/2014

          i made a small bog using an old bathtub, they remain outside year round . i add a fresh layer of peat each spring but that is all i ever do for them. i am zone 6b but they showed no distress at all after last winters extended cold and -10F nights

  11. schatzi 10/06/2014

    Beauty abounds! as usual. That succulent garden in pic 1 is to die for. Hope it survives the winter. The lantana is glorious, everything is beautiful. The lemon is spectacular. The mansion in the reflection makes an attractive backdrop, but you wouldn't want to live there - too much house, too much formality. The garden is all. Always look forward to your picture posts and comments, Jeff. Also the rest of the conversation. What a great group! Thanks for bringing us together, Michelle.
    P.S. Don't you love hyssop? I have collected all the colors that I can find. As long as they have good drainage, they do fine. I keep watching the weather here to decide when to bring plants in to the greenhouse. Between my hanging baskets and my daughter's, I am running out of room! But I have to
    try to winter over as many as I can. They are too beautiful to just let die.

    1. user-1020932 10/06/2014

      i have learned myself and from friends that no matter how much room or how big the greenhouse we always run out of room

  12. Meelianthus 10/06/2014

    Every gardener would love to have those great windows for over wintering - and what is the reflection in the window there, is that a house!? Love your Persian shield - but especially little Piggy ^_^ thanks for all the great pics Jeff, really enjoy your creations.

    1. user-1020932 10/06/2014

      yes, that's a house, it's directly across the road from me, gives me a nice clean and tidy view every day

  13. user-7007140 10/06/2014

    Thank you for The Final Fling, Jeff. We had a last minute panic on Saturday when I was sure Frost was in the air, so my husband and I dashed outside with old sheets and thick string to swathe my beloved bougainvillea. They look very peculiar but at least are safe until we have some help to get them indoors tomorrow where the will live in the front hallway.
    My next year plan

    1. user-1020932 10/06/2014

      i love the bougies but have no real success with them, by spring they are sticks and it takes them all summer to look respectable again. that is the one plant i can never ever be successful with

  14. Chris_N 10/06/2014

    You have amazing variety in your garden. I didn't see anyone mention the cycads but they are great. And I hear you about never having enough room to overwinter everything. At work, I've discovered if i try to cram too many plants into the space I have, I just get inundated with white flies, spider mites and thrips. So I am composting lots of things that I look at and think, "I could overwinter that!"

    1. user-1020932 10/06/2014

      Chris, i have just a few cycads, one large Sago, the Dioon edule and a Cardboard palm that i am thinking of giving away. i dont' over winter anything that is prone to insects, i brought in a few Aeonium and Echeverria (which always etoliate and i toss them) and will check daily for mealybugs. if i see one, it's into a plastic bag and out the door. i don't even try Adenium anymore because of spider mites and Coontie ferns,,,,,,,,forget it, scale almost picks them up and carries them away. cacti and agave are easy easy inside tho

  15. user-7007140 10/06/2014

    Is to look for interesting pots (a la Sheila) and garden ornaments (courtesy of ides from Michaele) and plant everything interesting from all the gorgeous examples everyone shared.
    Tim Vojt: I also live in Central Ohio-my garden is a wind tunnel, but the Yuccas have survived desperately frigid winters here for thirty years! I love them for all kinds of reasons. Go for it and plant several.
    Thanks everyone. Happy tidying up and warm fire sides.

    1. user-1020932 10/07/2014

      Eddi, the ones in the photo are Yucca gloriosa variegata, they are rated at zero degrees hardiness but they sailed right thru last years -10F with no damage, Yucca filamentosa is zone 5 and there are variegated varieties of those , i have some but the leaves are less rigid and are sort of bendy. the gloriosa keep stiffly upright and extended leaves but when you get stuck,,,,,,they don't stop till they hit bone

  16. foxglove12 10/07/2014

    Gorgeous! My favorite flower color is white, so I particularly love the Montauk Daisies. Its all gorgeous though. Great job.

  17. user-7007140 10/07/2014

    I use the bare bougies as Christmas decorations they are so stunningly contorted.
    Now must get some rest so that I can make an early trip to the nursery for Montauk daisies!

  18. CarlaGriffin 10/07/2014

    Is your Lantana the old timey kind, or the hybrid kind? I'm wanting some of the original Lantana. :)

    1. user-1020932 10/07/2014

      i don't know what the old timey kind is so i'm guessing mine are hybrid varieties. they are named but i don't remember the varietyname

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