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The Boring Post About Houseplants

Houseplants, well- that’s a strong term for what I have. I don’t have many, if any, strictly HOUSEplants because most everything I have goes out for the summer. Usually they love it so much outside that they react very badly when they’re brought inside. I’ve had some serious mealybug this year, which I fought for a while with q-tips dipped in rubbing alcohol but then needed a systemic or face losing my whole “crop”.

Some Lucky Bamboo from IKEA (dirt cheap!) in an old glass
Jade plant in milk grass footed bowl
Succulents in old chef s&p holder
Purple Velvet plant in a trophy cup
Fancy Bromeliad ‘Copper Swirls’ also in trophy cup
Random Sarracenia (with Gunter) in a pink vintage vase
A Jasmine from Trader Joe’s
Variegated Tradescantia in a mint julep cup
Different view: there’s some garlic growing in a baby food jar and a saaaaaad Amaryllis in a copper jello mold
My great grandma’s stove topped with many succulents, alive and dead
I always wanted a wood ironing board, when I found one at a garage sale for $5 I was in looooove

It’s weird, I’m totes organic when I garden outside and… I’m using chemicals here on the inside? It doesn’t quite make sense. Not that I’ve ever beenone for acting sensibly and being consistent. I guess I feel like I have a zillion options when I garden outside (moving the plant, more or less water, fertilizer) and when we’re all cooped up here for the winter we just need to make do, no matter what.

I did hook up a Hello Kitty humidifier for the dang Ficus though. It slowed the ridiculous leaf drop….

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  1. user-1020932 03/01/2013

    i gotta say, the name of your blog first caught my attention! i have now read all your past blogs and will keep up to date with new ones. they always give me a chuckle and a new insight as we've "all been there" at one time or another
    have fun!

  2. houseplantguru 03/01/2013

    Hi Amanda! I LOVE houseplants, so I don't find your post at all boring. You actually have quite a few houseplants someone who finds them boring. I think you actually love them, and don't want anyone to think you do. Lol. I'd tell you about my blog, but you would find every post boring, as it is all about houseplants! Have a great day, and remember, those plants are cleaning the air for your family (especially for your daughter) and they are proven to improve your mood.

  3. AllThings_Gardening 03/03/2013

    Amanda just loves the "outdoors." So guess houseplants don't light up her life. Hee. I love you Amanda for your clever plant sense of humor. You just like to keep us all guessing huh? Anyway, remember, I won't be _______ your Aster! Keep writing!!!

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