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Growing vegetables and gardeners

Today we’re visiting with Cassie Elliott, who is growing vegetables and also a pair of young gardeners!

new vegetable gardenCassie has put in a new vegetable garden, full of delicious produce and learning experiences for young gardeners.

kids in the gardenThe girls are learning to love gardening already! They’ve been part of building the structure, planting, harvesting, and now drying seeds for next year. Here they are checking on a clump of blooming marigolds (Tagetes patula, annual).

construction of veggie gardenHere is the garden as it looked in the early spring stage of construction. Starting with a fence is a great idea in a new garden, since it keeps deer, rabbits, and other hungry visitors from ever getting in the habit of visiting.

Cassie used as many materials from the adjacent woods as possible in building the raised beds and other structures in the garden. Doing this creates a great-looking garden, cuts down on costs, and helps the garden feel like an integrated part of the surrounding landscape.

Ripening cherry tomatoesRipening cherry tomatoes are ready for harvest.

vegetable harvestAbundant harvests of fresh vegetables have come in from the garden. Nothing says summer like fresh tomatoes and peppers.

harvesting beetsThe girls have just harvested beets. What a fantastic experience for them to learn about gardening and where their food comes from!


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  1. Rebeccazone7 11/02/2020

    Reminds me of trying to get my grandson interested in gardening early on. Even though it didn't take with him, hopefully it will come later as he gets older. My son, who is now 42, calls me often to find out what to do with a particular plant. It's like gardening you sow the seed and hope for the best. The girls are adorable.

  2. garden1953 11/02/2020


  3. Carolyn3134 11/02/2020

    So wonderful! My first gardening memory is when my mother showed me how to save seeds from marigold flowers and plant them the following year. I was so amazed!!

  4. User avater
    treasuresmom 11/02/2020

    Kudos to you! There is nothing better you can do for and with kids than to garden with them.

  5. User avater
    simplesue 11/02/2020

    Your little "photo story" was just darling! What a wonderful childhood memory and influence that garden and learning experience is for those two!
    Only yesterday I was talking about the first gardens I remember when I was around 5yrs. And now at 63 I'm still looking back at that experience and I'm sure these little tots will too.
    They look just adorable in the fresh outdoors with beets and those little aprons and overalls.
    You are doing it right!
    A very enjoyable post.

  6. btucker9675 11/02/2020

    Wonderful story and photos - your vegetable garden is just beautiful as are your excellent garden assistants!

  7. sheila_schultz 11/02/2020

    Your girls are learning that 'getting dirty' is SO much fun! Thank you for sending in this post!!! I love it.

  8. User avater
    vanhatalosuomi 11/03/2020

    Thank you for posting!
    wonderful to see these kids outside and in nature!

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