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Take the Vegetable Garden to New Heights Video

A linear design makes a space more productive, organized, and inviting.

Fine Gardening - Issue 166

The task was a bit overwhelming: Design and create an edible garden that was productive enough to supply produce for a restaurant, make sure it looked beautiful most of the year, and make it exciting and engaging – not only for gardeners like me but also for someone whho has never help a pair of pruners. Oh, and did I mention that all of this had to happen on a city rooftop?

Read more of this article by Todd Holloway in Fine Gardening Issue #166, page 60!

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    LauraWilliams 01/15/2019

    Nice one!!

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    AshlieDPerron 10/25/2019

    It's Really Nice!

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    AnnaMartinez 11/19/2019

    Thanks for this video!

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    TimVaughn 01/21/2020

    Very useful! Thanks for sharing this information!

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