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Stephanie’s Coneflowers

Celebrating the diversity of a beautiful native plant

close up of light pink coneflower

My name is Stephanie Stewart, and I live in Averill Park, New York.

Lately I’ve seen a lot about coneflowers (Echinacea species and hybrids, Zones 4–9) and I’m not surprised! They add color and texture and height to my gardens—and they are so easy to care for. Mine range in color from whites, to pinks, to neon orange and reds. Heights range from 8 inches to 36 inches.

I started buying coneflowers a few years ago after reading about them in Fine Gardening and have added a couple more each year.

Butterflies and bees love them, and so do I.

mix of various colored coneflowersThis looks to be ‘Cheyenne Spirit’, which boasts a great mix of colors on healthy, long-lived plants. And as you can see in this photo, the bees enjoy them as well.

close up of bright pink coneflowersThat’s an incredibly rich, saturated pink on this coneflower.

close up of classic purple coneflowerThe classic, original Echinacea purpurea is still a beautiful plant well worth growing despite all the new hybrids in other colors.

hybrid coneflower with pink/orange flowersHybrids between pink Echinacea purpurea and the yellow Echinacea paradoxa allowed for the development of all these new varieties with brilliant colors.

close up of coneflowers with petals starting to unfurlIt’s beautiful to see how the look of the flower changes as the petals fully unfurl and open up.

close up of tall pink coneflowersMany new selections of coneflowers are shorter, but taller forms like this add great presence to the garden.

close up of light pink coneflowerA perfect pink coneflower


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  1. janetsydoruk 08/01/2023

    I’m going to buy some. Really great.

  2. nicki_s 08/01/2023

    What a beautiful collection of coneflowers! I discovered Cheyenne Spirit this year via Fine Gardening and planted a few - the colors are amazing, and they change as the flower ages. Thanks for sharing your photos.

  3. btucker9675 08/01/2023

    Love them, too, and they are so tough as well as beautiful. Every time I remove a plant that just isn't working, I seem to replace it with a coneflower. Thanks for sharing your lovely collection!

  4. User avater
    simplesue 08/02/2023

    Oh I love Cone Flowers! You have such a nice variety!

  5. melvasanchez 08/16/2023

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  6. Arvilla9 01/28/2024

    Coneflowers typically have large, daisy-like flowers with prominent raised centers, resembling a cone. The central cone is made up of disk florets, and colorful petal-like rays surround it.

  7. Cindy88 01/28/2024

    The flowers of coneflowers come in various colors, including shades of pink, purple, white, and orange. The central cones often have a spiky or cone-shaped appearance, contributing to the plant's common name. basketrandom

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