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Small Balcony, Huge Garden

This gardener isn’t deterred by a lack of space

lots of greenery on a balcony

Today we’re off to Mississauga, Ontario, Canada, to visit Wema Mojar’s beautiful balcony garden.

Wema has transformed her tiny balcony space into a beautiful and productive garden. If you think you can’t have a garden because you don’t have the space, this post will prove you wrong!

ornamental and edible plants on a balconyOne corner of the balcony is packed with plants both beautiful and edible. Wema has certainly created a much more beautiful sight than just a view of a parking lot!

bright green container planting on a balconyOne great way to make the most out of a small space is to go UP. Lifting this container up multiplies the space available to grow things. And I love the yellow creeping Jenny (Lysimachia nummularia ‘Aurea’, Zones 3–9) tumbling over the edge.

lots of greenery on a balconyLooking down a bit really shows how Wema has created a wall of greenery. And to make this space do even more work, Wema has mixed in edibles with the ornamentals. I see a pepper plant and a tomato plant growing along with the beautiful foliage and flowers.

edible plants growing in containersStrawberries, beans, peppers, bunches of greens, carrots—and it looks like squash all growing happily! Ornamental sweet potato vines (Ipomoea batatas, Zones 9–11 or as annuals) are tucked in as well to add some color.

tomatoes growing on a balconyAnd in the back is a towering planting of tomatoes! Wema has really turned this balcony into a little jungle of greenery.

million bells plantAnd one final shot of a flowery balcony resident includes a cheerful million bells (Calebrachoa hybrid, annual), with a few tomato leaves sneaking their way into the picture.


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  1. sandyprowse 04/28/2021

    What an inspiration your garden is fellow Canadian. I live in Toronto and will say that your hard work will be shown to many new condo owners. It is a joy to see a balcony being utilized as yours is — such a practical and beautiful display. It unleashes the gardener in all of us. Great work!

    1. Wema 04/28/2021

      Thank you so much! 😊

  2. Rebeccazone7 04/28/2021

    I love the creativity and can't imagine what your land would look like if you eventually have your own ground space. I love the anything goes attitude. Kudos.

    1. Wema 04/28/2021

      Thank you so much for really making my garden a surprised to everyone! 😃

  3. User avater
    simplesue 04/28/2021

    Your balcony is a little gem of a garden!

    1. Wema 04/28/2021

      I’m just happy that everyone is so happy for my garden!

  4. User avater
    treasuresmom 04/28/2021

    Truly lovely!

    1. Wema 04/28/2021

      😀.. Thanks a lot for liking them!

  5. katherine_8 04/28/2021

    Hello fellow Mississaugan :)
    I'm so impressed with your balcony garden. What a wonderful variety of beauty and food - and loveliness - you have cultivated. Such imagination and determination. So many do absolutely nothing with their balcony. To me, and obviously to you, it is an additional room to enjoy for at least half the year. Well done!! Kudos!! Best wishes :)

    1. Wema 04/28/2021

      I’m so happy that my garden makes all of you inspired!😃

  6. btucker9675 04/28/2021

    Wonderful little garden! Reminds me of gardens in cities in Italy and France where you see lovely balconies filled with greenery and blooms. Thank you for sharing your masterpiece.

    1. Wema 04/30/2021

      Thank you so much for really liking them!

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