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Skills that will make you a better gardener

To hone the many skills that will make you a better gardener, check out Gardening Basics from the editors of Fine Gardening magazine.

Gardening Basics addresses common problems gardeners face. For more information on many of the subjects discussed in this publication, click on the links below for text and/or videos that will help you handle garden situations of all kinds.

100 Skills That Will Make You a Better Gardener

6. Make Stubborn Hydrangeas Bloom
Big Flowers from Bigleaf Hydrangeas
How to Prune Hydrangeas

17. Plant a Container
A Great Pot Inspires its Planting
Great Plants Deserve the Perfect Pot

20. Effectively Battle Deer
What Deer Damage Looks Like 

21. Mulch
Mulch for a Healthy Garden
Making the Most of Mulch

27. Pinch a Pine
Pruning Pines 

30. Harvest Seed
Collecting Seeds
Storing Seeds

32. Train a Vine
Types of Climbing Vines

34. Plant Bare-Root Plants
Planting Ornamentals (Bare Root) 

44. Pinch a Plant
Pinching Coleus
Pinching Stem Tips

45. Dry Herbs
How to Dry Herbs

47. Make Leaf Mold
How to Make Leaf Mold 

49. Stake a Tomato
How to Support Tomatoes

53. Take a Picture of Your Garden
Take Photos that Look as Good as Your Garden

55. Kill Slugs
Ridding Your Garden of Slugs and Snails 

65. Secure and Plant a Windowbox
Think Outside the Window Box
Herbs for Every Window Box

73. Buy a Quality Container
The Perfect Pot 

83. Site a Tree
A Bold Border of Trees and Shrubs 

94. Build a Rain Barrel
Build a Rain Barrel

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