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Find the Perfect Potting Soil

If your plants don’t get the right nutrients, they’ll fail to thrive. The composition of the potting soil is critical to the success of your containers, and to learn how to get the perfect mix for the plants in your containers, check out the articles and videos linked below.

Container Gardening 2012 For container gardening information and inspiration, check out the latest edition of Container Gardening, from the editors of Fine Gardening.

A basic potting-soil recipe

Video: A Basic Potting-Soil Recipe
Simple ingredients make Lee Reich’s adaptable mix easy and affordable.   Watch the video…

A potting-soil recipe for annuals

Video: Potting Soil Recipe for Annuals
Atlanta nursery owner Bobby Saul explains why he uses a potting mix that’s high in nutrients and promotes drainage.   Watch the video…

Potting-soil recipe for woody plants and perennials

Video: Potting Soil Recipe for Woody Plants and Perennials
Think of the ideal potting soil as a balanced diet, says Tennessee nursery owner Rita Randolph, whose ideal mix incorporates peat moss, composted bark, compost, sand, and perlite.   Watch the video…

Potting-soil recipe for cacti and succulelnts

Video: Potting Soil Recipe for Cacti and Succulents
Cacti and succulents are desert plants, so the ideal potting mix has to drain well. In this video, California grower Jeff Moore shows you how to mix up a batch of potting soil for these moisture-averse plants.   Watch the video…

6 potting-soil recipes

6 Potting Soil Recipes
Find recipes for all the mixes shown in the potting-soil videos, plus two more mixes, for alpine plants and tropicals.   Read more…

A guide to potting-soil ingredients

Guide to Potting Soil Ingredients
You can make your own mix with confidence when you know what the various components provide. Get the skinny on peat moss, perlite, rock dust, charcoal pellets, and other common and not-so-common ingredients.   Read more…

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