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Short but Very Sweet

By Kim Charles

Susan Marshall (mother) and Tessa (daughter) of Quebec, Canada savor the time spent in their character filled garden, despit their short growing season.

“Here’s our Northern garden. We live in Val d’or, a gold mining town in Quebec, Canada in zone 2b. Growing in this climate is always a challenge because we can get a freeze at the end of June and another one at the end of August. Hence, our growing season can be very short, but the rewards of trying are well worth it! A lot of the terracing (note the gigantic stones) was already done when we moved in and we put in all the gardens (including the island garden). The love and care of the people who put in the terraces has inspired us to continue the stewardship of this beautiful property. Our favourite “garden room” is the sunken garden where we have dinner every evening. We love it’s intimacy.”

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  1. user-6536305 04/21/2017

    Love your garden and thanks for sharing!! Huge applause from west coast of Canada!! Cannot belief you garden in 2b. Huge achievement and thumb up!!!!. Huge inspiration as well. I am in zone 7 and always admire gardeners who grow in hush weather. Such dedication to keep up with the weather. Love your containers. Do you leave them outside over winter?

  2. millienavarrorumain 04/21/2017

    Great space!!

  3. NCYarden 04/21/2017

    Very charming. I love the stones and terraced land. Great structural trees and woodland feel. It looks so lush. Thanks for sharing.

  4. user-7007498 04/21/2017

    Good evening, Susan and Tessa. It looks like Kim has been struggling with web issues at Fine Gardening, and it looks like most of GPOD missed seeing your beautiful garden. I just got home from work, and am sitting here looking at the explosion of spring growth in my Zone 6b garden. Then I read your post. Zone 2b. WOW! It reminds me how lucky I am, and should never complain about the winters.

    Thanks for including the overview picture of your back garden. It really helps to put the other photos in perspective. Your stone work is great. In your zone, conifers and great stonework have to get you through the long winter season. You have great bones in your garden.

    The sunken eating area looks very relaxing. You also have a wonderful perennial border, more than I would have imagined for 2b.

    Thanks again for sharing. I hope the rest of the gang check out you post over the weekend.
    I also wish Kim the best, and thank her for the hard work and effort she puts in.

  5. tennisluv 04/22/2017

    Like Kevin, I happened on your posting by happenstance. Given your extreme gardening environment (zone 2-3), I am absolutely blown away with the beauty of your garden. Living in a zone 7b/8a environment, I cannot not imagine how short lived your gardening season is (mine runs from March to November). And yet I complain about not being able to grow some of the beautiful conifers and plants that are so native to your zone. Your garden is absolutely beautiful! So sorry most of us missed your posting. Thanks for sharing.

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