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Harriet’s swimming pool garden in Maine, in spring

I joined the Maine Iris Society and suddenly had quite a collection due to the generosity of other members and the Society sales. I widened the existing border at the south end of the pool and planted the median irises along that edge. Although mulched for weed prevention, the actual rhizomes are at the top exposed to the sun. This overview shows the entire filled in pool towards the fence. The forsythia started from a layering I got from my mother. I have to stay on top of pruning it and removing layerings around its perimeter or it would take over (these layerings are given to charity sales). I question the work, but then when it is in bloom I know why I keep it. Photo/Illustration: Courtesy of Harriet Robinson

Remember Harriet Robinson’s garden in Maine? She filled in her under-used swimming pool and turned it into a stunning garden. We saw it during the peak of the dayliles HERE, and during the peak of the peonies HERE, and now we get to see it in early spring! Yup. Just as gorgeous. It’s so great to see the bones of the garden, plus all those wonderful bulbs. Thanks, Harriet! **Harriet provided lots of info in the captions. Check it out.

Daffodils along the cobble paths, other perennials including peonies emerging, beehives in distance between forsythia and a pear, fencing for peas to left beyond creeping phlox. Photo/Illustration: Courtesy of Harriet Robinson

**Don’t forget, I need photos of your gardens to keep this train running! PLEASE send me photos of your garden. I love having more than I could possibly process to choose from!***

I planted daffodils I divided from other overcrowded clumps along the walks a few years ago and they are filling in. This increases the interest in a garden that is most lush at peony and daylily time. The building in the distance stores the farm tractor (for snowblowing and bush hogging), the gator (a fabulous golf cart – dump truck in use throughout the season) and other stuff. Creeping phlox is blooming along the outer edge. It is side by side to dianthus and various sedums so that something low blooms pretty much all season along that edge. The blueberry bushes just leafing out show up between the cement walk and the fence. Photo/Illustration: Courtesy of Harriet Robinson
Just to the left of this photo is the main garden in the filled in swimming pool. The blueberries, 14 in all, form a border between the perennials along the edge of the pool perimeter walk and vegetable land. The peas have moved to this end for 2013 (I practice crop rotation as much as I can). The raised bed along the fence closest to us is the permanent asparagus patch. They are just emerging. Further are more raised beds for vegetables. Photo/Illustration: Courtesy of Harriet Robinson

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  1. User avater
    meander_michaele 05/14/2013

    Harriet, I can certainly appreciate your commitment to your forsythia even if it takes some work...its joyful declaration that "Spring Is Here" can't be beat.
    Since I am a self-confessed phloxaholic, I love your masses of pink, white and blue. I'm sure you're in that mindset where you are relishing the present but, also, so looking forward to the next stages of your garden.

  2. ncgardener 05/14/2013

    Oh wow, talk about deep container gardening. I love phlox's as well. They always seem to pop up with a color that says "Let's get ready to garden!" That area is going to evolve into a beautiful meandering spot.

  3. bee1nine 05/14/2013

    Harriet, A treat to see your delightful early Spring 'show'
    from Maine! These pic's must have been taken just recently?!
    I clicked on to the older posts and it was truly amazing as
    the season progressed, how everything grew and filled in with
    extreme lovelyness. Wonderful job!!
    Note: A before photo sharing the swimming pool would have
    been fun to see added to this incredible transformation.

  4. mainer59 05/14/2013

    Thank you for your comments. The photos were taken last Thursday morning. We finally had rain after days of gorgeous weather that were great for the gardener but not so good for the plants. It is hard to photograph when the sun is out. Things really perked up after a few days of showers. Now the daffodils are fading and the forscythia is dropping its petals. The before pictures were posted April 12, 2012. You can click on the search by state and scroll through Maine (there aren't that many) until you get to my before pictures.

  5. tractor1 05/14/2013

    With so much expansion one can no longer tell there was a pool... fantastic!

  6. bee1nine 05/14/2013

    Hi again, Harriet, Did as you suggested and got the swimming
    pool photo. THANK YOU!!

  7. SilkPurseGarden 05/14/2013

    Yet a third wave of bloom in this wonderful garden! I especially like the last photo: great composition with the sweeping banks of phlox and the wood supports & fence. Yes, meander1, I'm a phloxaholic too!

  8. terieLR 05/14/2013

    I love what you have accomplished in the wide open spaces Harriet. Your daffodils must bring springtime-smiles after long Maine winters. :) Soon all those daylily will be popping colors. Thanks for sharing these and happy gardening!

  9. briandowns 05/14/2013

    Harriet, you said that you question why you do the work, but when it's blooming you remember why. You 'got that straight! It's what we DO! What you have beats any pool!

  10. cwheat000 05/14/2013

    It is great to see the garden at every stage. I like the way you laid the pathways. It breaks up the squareness. It is amazing how you can barely see that during summer time. Spring has to be my favorite season. There is so much yet to come and such a sense of possibility. I love your garden; keep sending pictures.

  11. mainer59 05/15/2013

    Thank you all for your kind words. Happy spring to all of you!

  12. mirandadawn 05/29/2013

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