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READER PHOTOS! Kimberly’s garden in West Virginia

Photo/Illustration: Courtesy of Kimberly Thomas

Today’s photos are from Kimberly Thomas. Kimberly says, “We moved here to Gerrardstown, West Virginia, back in 2007 to a completely blank slate with dirt that didn’t even grow grass. The first two years we had to create an actual yard.

I love texture and tone on tone plantings.  I also over plant because it reduces weeding and the need for mulch!
Photo/Illustration: Courtesy of Kimberly Thomas

Every garden was chipped out of heavy shale and along the way I had to learn to deal with a ravenous herd of 20-30 regular deer. I like texture and four seasons of interest. I had hoped to use mostly natives but now I have to focus on just deer-proof. I do try to stay focused on a theme and color scheme but I have a collector inclination I call one-of-each-itus. I’m working on that.”

Don’t we all, Kimberly, don’t we all. Your garden is just great! The textures are fantastic. Thanks for sharing!

Lime is my favorite garden color and golden creeping Jenny really delivers.
Photo/Illustration: Courtesy of Kimberly Thomas
Still fighting the early learning mistake of adding Chameleon Plant.
Photo/Illustration: Courtesy of Kimberly Thomas
Annice Hyssop does a beautiful job covering the less than lovely feet of the Salvia.
Photo/Illustration: Courtesy of Kimberly Thomas
Photo/Illustration: Courtesy of Kimberly Thomas
Mother nature in the background showing off.
Photo/Illustration: Courtesy of Kimberly Thomas
It’s finally starting to look “lived in.”
Photo/Illustration: Courtesy of Kimberly Thomas
My garden greeter.
Photo/Illustration: Courtesy of Kimberly Thomas
The “Before” shot.
Photo/Illustration: Courtesy of Kimberly Thomas
We had to fix a drainage problem which gave me a lovely wall and two layers to play with.
Photo/Illustration: Courtesy of Kimberly Thomas
The “after” shot is only 4 years old.  Like all of us, I have a vision of filling this whole space.  Of course by then I’ll be too old to maintain it.
Photo/Illustration: Courtesy of Kimberly Thomas

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  1. User avater
    meander_michaele 08/29/2012

    What beautiful views you have, Kimberly, when you stop a moment and look up from your labors of love in your garden. As I gazed at your pictures, I heard a little of the John Denver song "Take Me Home Country Roads" with the line "almost heaven, West Virginia" filling my mind.
    Your plant combinations are beautiful and I, too, am a big fan of lime green. The picture featuring the anise hyssop and its companions is great...shows how wonderfully that color scheme works.

  2. User avater
    Tim_Zone_Denial_Vojt 08/29/2012

    loads of fun colors and textures. great vistas. cool house. room for more garden beds. what more could you ask for? maybe fewer deer......

  3. tractor1 08/29/2012

    Kimberly has accomplished a herculean task in so short a time, everything looks wonderful, from the distant vistas, to the gorgeous setting, and so many lush plantings. Plant several more of those spruce, their color is magnificent and the deer don't eat them.

  4. plant_lady_55 08/29/2012

    I absolutely love the variety of your plantings. The diversity of colors and textures is amazing and so pleasing to the eye. There is nothing boring or ho hum. I am going to look at these pictures over and over and try to recreate some of these combinations. Thanks for sharing your lovely home and landscaping.

  5. sheila_schultz 08/29/2012

    Beautiful views, lovely gardens... lucky you!

  6. greengrowler 08/29/2012

    Kimberly, you've proven once again foliage color & texture are as pleasing, if not more so, than flowers. Like Meander1, lime green is a fave - I have the same anise hyssop. It's surprising the deer didn't eat your heucheras. I tried them the deer left them alone .....for awhile....oh well.... You've enhanced the natural scenery beautifully.

  7. jagardener 08/29/2012

    A good job! Love your choice of lime.Use of foliage is wonderful.

  8. user-7006940 08/29/2012

    love your choice of colors... my favorites as well!
    Can you tell me what the plant with lime and appricot tipped coloring coloring is? and what zone it is? i would love to have that in my garden! j

  9. kimberlyfawn 08/29/2012

    Thank you everyone! ross121 those are Nandina Firepower. They are a fresh lime green in the spring and then turn fabulous red in the fall through winter. I am in zone 6b and the Nandina is rated up to zone 5. tractor1 I have plans for a few more Blue Spruce as soon as I chip out some new space, lol.

  10. kimberlyfawn 08/29/2012

    Oh and GreenGrowler they do eat the Heuchera on occasion but only during a bad winter. I have learned to appreciate the stinky goodness of Liquid Fence ;)

  11. joycedaffodilhill 08/31/2012

    I love the views, as well as the plants. As a W.Va native, I love to see those hills, they seem to be a backdrop for such a great choice of plants. You have the magic touch in plant combinations, as well as color coordination. Keep gardening in that lovely spot. Miss those mountains a lot.

  12. TeriCA 09/01/2012

    I wondered how what appears to black bark is working out for you? I was thinking of using it, but realized there is so much foot traffic around my yards, and I heard the graphite stains wondering how you liked it.... It looks fantastic against the plants....wonderful pics.


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