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READER PHOTOS! Karen’s garden in Ohio

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Photo/Illustration: Courtesy of Karen Langenfeld

Today’s photos are from Karen Langenfeld in Akron, Ohio. Karen says, “I live primarily in Florida now, and am learning how to create a garden in the warm climate. But my home in Akron is close to family, and we love to host family dinners in the garden as often as we can.

Photo/Illustration: Courtesy of Karen Langenfeld

My garden is about the special people in my life. I have a trumpet vine from my great grandmother; several plants from my grandfather; many plants from my mother, including a flowering almond that was given to my grandparents when she was born. Other family members and dear friends are also a part of this garden. My grandchildren made the special stepping stones, and they are so proud to be represented too!”

What a great way to build a garden, Karen! Gardens aren’t just about plants. The best ones are full of heart, as well. Beautiful!


Photo/Illustration: Courtesy of Karen Langenfeld
Photo/Illustration: Courtesy of Karen Langenfeld
Photo/Illustration: Courtesy of Karen Langenfeld
Photo/Illustration: Courtesy of Karen Langenfeld

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  1. ncgardener 03/21/2012

    Wow, that is beautiful. I have stepping stones that my children and grandchildren have done in my garden as well. Young and old, that is one of the first things they check on. Priceless!

  2. mosaicgardener 03/21/2012

    Yeah for mosaics in the garden!! And so much more special that they were made by your grandchildren! The rest of the garden is wonderful also...yes, it is all about the family connections!

  3. gottagarden 03/21/2012

    are those banana trees? in pots? Not cold hardy, I would think.

    lovely setting!

  4. tractor1 03/21/2012

    I was wondering the same, it's obviously Ohio but those sure look like transplants from Florida. Btw, bananas don't grow on trees, they're banana plants, the largest herbacious plants. I really like that sunken patio, affords lots of privacy among all that lush greenery. A lovely garden.

  5. User avater
    Tim_Zone_Denial_Vojt 03/21/2012

    Great garden and hardscaping. My bet that the bananas are Musa basjoo; definitely hardy in Ohio (at least for the last 6 years). I expect my banana plants will be really tall this year with the mild winter we have had. After colder winters they come up from side shoots. After milder winters, last year's "trunks" grow back from the ground as if they had never frozen to the ground.

  6. wwross 03/21/2012

    The coziness of the back patio is wonderful. The combination of the hill slope and the walls is a beautiful design. Looks like a nice place for a gin and tonic!

  7. sheilaschultz 03/21/2012

    What an inviting yard... you can tell that it has been filled with loving memories. Thanks for the 'banana info'Vojt, I had no idea any were cold hardy!

  8. pattyspencer 03/21/2012

    Love the drop down patio! Very exotic looking and lush. The stepping stones add a family touch as well. Beautiful garden!

  9. appaloosa 03/21/2012

    This is a beautiful garden. It makes me dream of summer, even though we are having a snow storm in Oregon right now. I guess "Old Man Winter" is not ready to leave.

  10. terieLR 03/21/2012

    Yet another idea to do with my grandchildren this summer!Nice job children. Now to grow my hydrangea heads THAT big... Beautiful setting Karen. You must love coming 'home' to it for the summertime. Thank you for sharing your family joy with us.

  11. floweringtree 03/21/2012

    I see Banana in your garden but it is tropical. How do you keep it alive?

  12. greengrowler 03/21/2012

    Absolutely beautiful landscape! Love the "hidden" patio area, fountain, and the way you've layered the plants. Thanks for the info on banana plants, tractor1. We've had such a mild winter in Colorado, a banana plant just may have survived this year!! (Missed you today, Meander1)

  13. MizScarlet 03/21/2012

    Beautiful, absolutely beautiful.

  14. User avater
    meander_michaele 03/21/2012

    Couldn't let such beautiful pictures slip by without throwing in my 2 cents worth (OK since I'm always so wordy...maybe a nickle's worth). I love the contrast of the bountiful hydrangea blooms with the peek of the very lush tropical banana plant leaves...quite an intriguing pairing in the picture which includes the talented gardener herself. I'll bet those adorable stepping stones never fail to evoke a compliment and a smile.
    GreenGrowler, how sweet of you to notice I am "off schedule".

  15. kmlangenfeld 03/22/2012

    Hello, this is Karen.
    Yes, the banana plants are 'Musa basjoo'. They were given to my husband,Chuck, a gift from my mother's garden. Chuck cuts the plant to the base each fall, and mulches a deep layer to protect the root. The plant thrives! The banana continues to spread, and Chuck has shared this plant with many friends. I have to thank Chuck for all his work to mulch, fertilize, and water the garden! It's a team effort!

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