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READER PHOTOS! Bob & Mary Ann’s garden in Kentucky

Photo/Illustration: Courtesy of Bob and Mary Ann Hines

Today’s photos are from Bob and Mary Ann Hines in Elizabethtown, Kentucky. They say, “We bought our home in Elizabethtown in 2008 and fenced in our very bare backyard to keep our dogs safe.  In March 2009 we began our landscape makeover to include our fence as part of the garden for our somewhat small yard.

Photo/Illustration: Courtesy of Bob and Mary Ann Hines

“Since that time we have landscaped the area we own behind the fence and both sections have become our get-away spots. We have lots of birds and squirrels that enjoy our area too! We both have gardened for many years, and now, being retired, we have lots more time. We were pleased to be part of the Elizabethtown Garden Club annual garden tour in 2011.

Photo/Illustration: Courtesy of Bob and Mary Ann Hines

“This is truly a work in progress, since we have over 300 more plants starting to grow in our basement greenhouse.”

Wow–all that in only 3 years? Amazing! Thanks for sharing your garden with us, Bob and Mary Ann!

Photo/Illustration: Courtesy of Bob and Mary Ann Hines
Photo/Illustration: Courtesy of Bob and Mary Ann Hines
Photo/Illustration: Courtesy of Bob and Mary Ann Hines
Photo/Illustration: Courtesy of Bob and Mary Ann Hines
Photo/Illustration: Courtesy of Bob and Mary Ann Hines

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  1. gottagarden 03/14/2012

    It's astounding what they have accomplished in only 3 years. Great job! Love the grass paths.

  2. terieLR 03/14/2012

    Garden laborers, Bob and Mary Ann are now investing in their retirement by setting themselves up for MUCH enjoyment! Your colorful gardens are delightful. Birdwatching must be a joy. 300 more plants! Where to put them all??? Please keep us in pictures as the gardens progress. Happy retirement you two.

  3. User avater
    meander_michaele 03/14/2012

    Wow, let me add my voice to the chorus of "all that in only three years?!" Bob and Mary Ann must be whirling dervishes of productivity. I especially love the photo that includes the huge panicle of a white hydrangea...could I ask the named variety of that beauty?

  4. TeriCA 03/14/2012

    Beautiful garden! How enjoyable it must be...but that is the whole point of our gardens-correct? to enjoy...and add to the chorus of "all in 3 years"! Would love to see where the over 300 new plants go in this landscape!

  5. Betty 03/14/2012

    This picture only tells part of the story. this garden is a truly wonderful one. I am so appricative of this beautiful place and the couple who habve done so much work on it.

  6. dadeo1 03/14/2012

    yes, amazing what has been done in 3 years. this pic is what we all strive for and seemingly find hard to achieve. keep it beautiful !

  7. n2hostas 03/14/2012

    lovely garden, you have done amazing work in 3 short years. Would love to see it sometime.

  8. Hortus5 03/14/2012

    What a lovely creation. The shade gardens are quite exceptional.

  9. greengrowler 03/14/2012

    Bob & Mary Ann, your "formal inspired" garden is quite lovely! The juxtaposition of formal layout with loose, cottage-style plantings succeeds beautifully. Agreeing with the others, love the grass paths - just enough grass - and wonder where your nursery plants will go?! Yet, I'm certain we've all acquired plants we "have no room for" and "squeezed them in" anyway - sometimes after moving 6 or 7 plants to do so, redesigning in the process! Beautiful garden.

  10. jagardener 03/14/2012

    So much color and variety. Absolutely beautiful!

  11. sheilaschultz 03/14/2012

    Here's another Wow!Your gardens are amazing and you have created such beauty in 3 years? What I love most is that you and your husband enjoy this adventure together. What a lucky couple! BTW,I currently have two upstairs bedrooms with decent light over-wintering about 100 plants, mainly succulents... a basement greenhouse would be such a dream!!!

  12. pattyspencer 03/15/2012

    My son said I should get off my rear and do this in our backyard - lol Just beautiful!

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