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READER PHOTOS! Ana’s garden in Portugal, revisited

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Photo/Illustration: Courtesy of Ana Abrantes

Today’s photos are from Ana Abrantes in Portugal. We featured Ana’s stunning arbor of wisteria back in March (refresh your memory HERE). Today she’s showing us a bit more of her garden.

Photo/Illustration: Courtesy of Ana Abrantes

Ana says, “This is a very big place, one hectare (10,000 metros) and I began ten years ago. My idea was to do a English garden but the weather here is not easy, very hot and little rain. So I spend lots of money in the planning and the capture of water. After that all the system of irrigation. Anyway now I am halfway to my plan.” Ana, that seating area and those terra cotta pots are DREAMY! 

Photo/Illustration: Courtesy of Ana Abrantes
Photo/Illustration: Courtesy of Ana Abrantes
Photo/Illustration: Courtesy of Ana Abrantes

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  1. duckcovegardening 05/01/2012

    The patio is so inviting, and I can see a lazy afternoon and friends sipping iced tea. The olive jardinieres scattered throughout the property are wonderful. With such dry, hot weather, are they part of your irrigation system? Share some of your secrets of collecting water for your gardens. I'm intrigued!

  2. summersbreezes 05/01/2012

    The patio with table and chairs looks just right for morning coffee and croissants! I collect and water with rain water also. Makes gardening much more challenging when you don't have an abundant sorce. The bench by the tree looks like such a peaceful place to sit and rest or read. You have created a lovely garden Ana, well done.

  3. ameyvel 05/01/2012

    What a pleasant surprise, Ana's garden is so inviting, that my dream is to be there, is a delicious vision of Paradise in Terram, just seeing it virtually makes you travel in the cyberspace and feel you are there like one of you said seating to read or relax , and I will add, or sipping a bubbling fine Portuguese wine. My congratulations to Ana for the marvelous work and beauty she has been able to offer us through your fine Gardening.
    So far from Ana's garden, where I live accross the "big charco" (The Atlantic) I am overwhelmed by joy, for such beautiful gardening work that requires a great effort and dedication. !Felicidades, muchas por lograrlo¡

  4. tractor1 05/01/2012

    I really like the concept of those separate wooden sections for a patio, would be cooler than heat radiating from masonary on a sunny day and much easier to construct... but why is so much of that rear corner rotting away, could be that it's on the very edge a flood plain... guessing from the rock (riprap) in that creek suggesting that the area floods from torrential rains, the riprap keeps the creek from erroding when it floods its banks... that arched bridge suggests that the water rises quite high and moves rapidly and with great force, without the arch adding extra clearence that bridge would wash away.

  5. pattyspencer 05/01/2012

    Beautiful garden! Love the huge pots!!

  6. User avater
    meander_michaele 05/01/2012

    Looks like a wonderful piece of property for either energetic or lazy walkabouts. Love the fact that there are welcoming seating areas and interesting garden features to explore.

  7. lijda 05/01/2012

    If that big pot didn't imply I'd have to lose probably three shrubs to fit it into a small garden, I'd want one. I love it! Thank you for sharing your garden. What is it about an arched bridge that is always so charming and satisfying.

  8. wwross 05/01/2012

    I love the architecture of those chairs. Where can I get them?

  9. KarinCa 05/01/2012

    Your garden looks lovely and relaxing. Having the same irrigation/weather issues here in the hot and dry Sacramento Valley - the lush look is not feasible. Quick tip as you all on this list must enjoy looking at garden pics, I came across this website last night - stock photos of great gardens and plants with most every plant labeled!! This makes for great search functionality too, just type in "salvia" or "summer border" and you get pages of pics. Pics are small as they are there to sell them, but still lovely to behold.

  10. annek 05/01/2012

    What a charming curved foot bridge. A lovely place, to be sure. And a wonderful bit of pathway rock work is shown in the corner of your photo of the wooden deck in the first photograph. Good job in creating your own little paradise!

  11. greengrowler 05/01/2012

    So peaceful and serene..can almost hear the birds in the trees. Soothing and naturalistic; a great way to spend time with a good book & glass of wine....
    I bet tractor1 appreciates the "water under the bridge" ...and thanks, T1, for the vocabulary lesson - I now know what "riprap" means!

  12. boards 05/01/2012

    How sad that someone saw the rotting wood with all of this beauty.
    Doghobble's Slave.
    Doghobble is the name of our home.

  13. pletcherdpq 12/17/2012

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