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READER PHOTO: The hummingbirds demand their bath

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Photo/Illustration: LeAnn Locher

Today’s GPOD comes from LeAnn Locher, a storyteller and gardener in Portland, Oregon. She says:

“We’ve created a water feature in our garden using a rain chain with water dropping into and recirculating from a pot. It’s nestled in among roses and jasmine, and is the single biggest attraction for birds visiting our garden. While we enjoy the sound and the sight, blue jays perch on the edge and drink from the “cups.” But the hummingbirds? They’ll zoom by my head if it’s not on, sending the message loud and clear to turn on their their favorite bath. Sure enough, I turn it on and the tiny little hummingbirds splish and splash in there, not even bothered if I sneak up with my camera.”

Thanks for sending in this great photo, LeAnn!

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  1. SDavidson 02/23/2010

    LeAnn, how did you make your water feature? It looks wonderful amidst the roses and jasmine. I'm especially interested in how you hid the water return. Thanks!

  2. Berrie 02/23/2010

    I love this idea and I also would like more details of how this is put together and what the pot looks like that you used. Thank you.

  3. Lelonopo 02/23/2010

    Thanks Berrie and SDavidson! This rain chain area was one of the best things we ever created in our garden, and it gets better every year. There are two pots here, independent of each other, and the tall pot is about a foot and a half from a fence. We run the return up the fence, and out an extended hook, from which the rain chain hangs. The first year it was pretty obvious, that black tubing, but it's planted in an area I call "the wall of scent" and is among jasmine and roses that have grown in around it, hiding the tubing.

    You can see more of the feature here in this blog post if you're interested.

  4. nise80 02/23/2010

    What a beautiful shot and idea! For such little guys, Hummingbirds have such large personalities!

  5. hummingbirdfeeder 03/06/2010

    wow beautiful shot, I've never seen a feeder quite like that before. Need to get one of those! Also been meaning to try one of those new perky pet models that fills from the top, been reading lots of good stuff on them too! Thanks for sharing!!

  6. nerrijane 03/30/2010

    When I saw this picture I instantly smiled what a feel good picture. I guess I'll have to try that outside bath technique!!! (yuk,yuk)


    best wishes happy gardener

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