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READER PHOTO! Grasses & a hay bale table

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Photo/Illustration: Courtesy of Philip Leveridge

One last photo from Philip Leveridge in Austin, Texas. I fell in love with his hay bale garden table. He says, “These grasses lie between a couple of hidden galvanized steel stock tank pools. I garden more with foliage than blooms so ornamental grasses naturally feature heavily in the East Side Patch, both for texture and drought hardiness. Dwarf miscanthus, pampas grass and bamboo muhly contrast in this scene with the broad leaves of a burgundy canna lily, another personal favorite for foliage color and repetition. I have a small mound in the background to add some “Jurassic” dimension to a loquat, and pampas to balance the tall cattails on the left. The hay bale table works great for quite some time before it eventually ends up on the compost pile.” Thanks yet again, Philip, for sharing your East Side Patch with us!

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  1. wGardens 01/12/2011

    Bravo, Mr. Leveridge, on your superb use of plant material. Sounds like a book should be in order! :-) Thank you for sharing these series of photos. Wish I lived closer to Austin, TX so I could visit and see first hand your fine work. Inspiring!

  2. MIOK 01/12/2011

    A delightful, inviting vignette that inspires one from the great white north to experiment with grasses for dry summer conditions. Great color, texture and composition. I would love to see other ingenious recyclable tables for seasonal use such as this one. Thank you for sharing!

  3. ncgardener 01/12/2011

    I love the way you mixed the grasses in with other plants and the chairs give that little pop of color, awesome. I wonder if this was done on purpose or a wonderful mistake. Either way it looks great.

  4. raleighgardener 01/12/2011

    I love how the combination of textures continues all the way into the background. What is the broad-leaf tree behind the rightmost red chair? And the feathery plant to the left of it? And the narrow-leafed tree to its right?

  5. catsdogs 01/12/2011

    Love the color, and the unique look here...

  6. wwross 01/12/2011

    Thats very clever and pretty. I just wouldn't want to put my glass of wine down on that table!

  7. ESPatch 01/12/2011

    wwross: No not a good wine table, though no one would care if some was spilt over it.

    Thanks catsdogs.

    Hi Raleighgardener, and thanks.

    The broad-leaf small tree / large shrub is a Loquat, the feathery plant to the left of it is bamboo muhly and the narrow leaf tree on the right is a bog/swamp cypress that I have in a large container submerged in the stock tank pond.

    Hello ncgardener.
    These chairs were painted after I decided to paint my garden shed some rather bright colors, I like the way it looked against all the different foliage greens, so the chairs just followed suite!

    Hi MIOK.
    I have been hooked on grasses for some time, I like the natural aesthetic and movement they bring to a landscape. I would say...yes, experiment with them! They just might become your favorites.
    Thanks MIOK.

    Hi and thanks wGardens.
    A book you say? One of these days :-)
    I am happy you have enjoyed the recent images from the ESPatch, I have really had fun reading everybody's comments on them.
    Thank you.

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