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READER PHOTO: Artichokes are bold and beautiful!

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Photo/Illustration: Laura Livengood Schaub

Today’s GPOD is from Laura Livengood Schaub in San Jose, California. She says, “Artichokes are a beautiful winter perennial in Northern California, growing 5′-6′ tall with large gray-green leaves. Remember, however, that they WILL go dormant for part of the year, either dying back completely to the ground in late summer, or else looking very sorry for themselves. Late-summer perennials and grasses take over until fall rains stimulate the return of lush foliage and the promise of a tasty spring harvest.” Thanks, Laura, for sending in this great photo of your garden!

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  1. Oksana_in_SC 05/18/2010

    LOVED the picture! Beautiful, lush growth, gorgeous colors - such pictures inspire me to keep working in my garden. We moved into our house a year ago. It's in a new subdivision with little to none landscaping, so there's a LOT of work ahead, but I'm throughly enjoying it!!! Thanks for inspiration!

  2. KariLonning 05/18/2010

    What a beautifully architectural statement this makes. (And the color balance, too!)

  3. InterLeafer 05/18/2010

    Thanks! Kari, you should see the artichoke fields near the coast, stunning!

    Oksana, you might be pleased to hear that this garden is only a year old, good luck with yours!

  4. arboretum 05/18/2010

    wow, what's up? it loooks like it takes Cal. to get people commenting!!
    laura, excellent design work there! do tell us the i.d. of the perennials and the tree!
    a teaching website

  5. InterLeafer 05/18/2010

    Hi Mindy, thanks!

    The light green tree is a Fuyu persimmon (I like mixing edibles in the garden; there's also a Dancy Tangerine and a Meyer Lemon that you can't see.

    The orange fls are California Poppy (Escholtzia californica, our state flower) which reseed throughout my garden. The dark purple is Limonium perezii, a tender perennial. The lighter purple is Spanish Lavender (Lavandula stoechas). Thanks again!

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