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Even their wheelbarrows are beautiful!

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Photo/Illustration: Michelle Gervais

This shot was taken a few years ago in the gardens at Filoli in Woodside, California.

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  1. mksbrown 10/18/2010

    Nice photo. I was a Filoli garden yesterday. It was an overcast day with a light rain, perfect conditions for photographs. I hope I got a few nice photos to show everyone when I get back to Indiana. The massive yews that are visible in your photo have been cut back to get them to the proportion of the original design. The heavy cut back with all the thick woody base of the yew showing, while the plant grows back, gives the garden a surreal, interesting look. I will post photos on my web site in a few days.

  2. sheilaschultz 10/18/2010

    A beautiful stone archway framing the gardens beyond... such a soothing painting. It makes me want to touch everything from the rough stone of the arch to the prickly yews!A lovely vision for the day.

  3. littleloiee 10/18/2010

    I have the happiest memory of visiting Filoli in around 2000 with my sister. What really made it even more special was the docent who took us on the tour. The morning glories were in full bloom and I have a beautiful picture of my sister in front of them. At that time I worked at Hermes of Paris and was talking to one of my workers when lo and behold she came in the store and was opening a B&B in Martha's Vineyard. It seemed whenever I spoke about somebody they would magically appear!I hope her business was successful and sometime I would like to return!

  4. grizmom3 10/19/2010

    I Would very much enjoy a journey beyond the arch.

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